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I would appreciate some insight as to how you shelve the following items.

1. The Sailor Moon graphic novels (humunga popular books).  My library puts
them in     non-fiction under 741.5.  They are so small  that they really
cause the shelves to    get all messed up.  The surrounding larger hardcover
books were toppling all over    them.

     I put them on my spinning paperback squares under S (for Sailor Moon).

2.  The books edited by Dr. Beatrice Sparks (Go Ask Alice, Jay's Journal,
     Baby, etc., all authored by Anonymous, but not, officially, series).  We
have Go     Ask Alice catalogued in fiction, but all the others are split up
all over the dewey  nonfiction categories.

     I have gathered these and put them under A (for Anonymous) on my series

     spinners too.    Putting them there has really put them in the eye of
the kids, and
     several have already checked out.  These books have languished on the
     shelves until now.

3.  Then there are the paperback Lois Duncan, Joan Lowry Nixon, Lurlene
McDaniel    type books.  They are not (officially) series, but I put them on
the spinners with   the series too, by author name.  They are formulaic, and
the kids seem to be     "discovering" books     that haven't gone out in
years by them being there.

4.  Then there are the larger sized series books, such as California Diaries,
Replica,    and the like.  I have set up a special endcap shelving space as
oversized series    shelving, where I also place the Redwall books (both hard
and paperback), the     Lemony Snicket books, among others that do not fit
onto the spinners.

I have purchased these pre-cut see-through yellow labels to identify books
that go on the spinners (whether series books or not, or fiction or not).
There is a white lable that says YA, then an alphbetic sticker, with the
yellow lable over both. I am going to have tech services make changes in the
records to move the nonfiction to YA Series, for lack of a better name for
them.  I do tell the pages to merely place any books they are not sure of on
my desk and I will reshelve them.

I just don't see the problem.  They have yellow labels, so they go on the
spinners by series name or author (for non-series books).  Too big? Put 'em
on the endcap of the fiction shelves.  Still not sure? Put 'em on my desk.

So anyway, how do you shelve these books?  Does my system seem sensible to
anyone besides my own warped self?

Dawn Sardes
YA Librarian
Euclid Public Library

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