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BOOK: Sammy Keys.... mustache mary by Van Draanen 12/21/01 Frederick Muller
BOOK: Dragon's Blood by Yolen 12/22/01 Frederick Muller
Re: Weeding 12/22/01 Jeff Kirkpatrick
"Developing Educational Standards" site change 12/22/01 Charles Hill
HIT: Checkout period for books 12/22/01 Julie Long
Re: Weeding 12/22/01 Nancy Thackaberry
Changing loan period 12/22/01 BR
A Very Happy Holiday from Canada 12/22/01 Diane H
Re: Weeding 12/22/01 Su Epstein
HIT: I FOUND A PEANUT 12/22/01 Roberta Arguello
Re: HIT: I FOUND A PEANUT 12/23/01 Deborah Stafford
GEN: RE request for help, weeding 12/23/01 Deborah Stafford
Re: HIT: I FOUND A PEANUT 12/23/01 Elaine Willis
Re: personal days in Chicago - Thank you all 12/23/01 Seth and Betsy Budney
off topic: Fibromyalgia 12/23/01 Seth and Betsy Budney
HUMOR: God rest ye, good librarians! 12/23/01 Alice Yucht
Re: HIT: I FOUND A PEANUT 12/23/01 Suzanne Weinheimer
BOOK: Nobody's there by Nixon 12/23/01 Frederick Muller
Thank you-Weeding Tip 12/23/01 Liba Geltzer
GEN: Copyright and Best of LM_NET 2001 12/23/01 Peter Milbury
HIT: types of questions on nat'l standardized tests 12/23/01 Edith LaForge
hit: more silly songs 12/24/01 Roberta Arguello
Re: PTA funds for library 12/24/01 Alice Yucht
Christmas DownUnder 12/24/01 Barbara Braxton
Weeding 12/24/01 Guusje Moore
Christmas DownUnder 2 12/24/01 Barbara Braxton
Christmas DownUnder 3 12/25/01 Barbara Braxton
Christmas DownUnder 4 12/25/01 Barbara Braxton
BOOK: Lord of the Nutcracker men by Lawrence 12/26/01 Frederick Muller
Christmas DownUnder 5 12/26/01 Barbara Braxton
Christmas DownUnder - Translations 12/26/01 Barbara Braxton
Re: Christmas DownUnder 12/26/01 Alice Yucht
Re: Christmas DownUnder 12/26/01 Brian Ralph
Re: magazine check out 12/26/01 janet perry
Christmas DownUnder - next 12/27/01 Barbara Braxton
State pix postal cards 12/27/01 Jay Hilda L
Christmas DownUnder - next + 1 12/27/01 Barbara Braxton
offtopic: Colonial Williamsburg Teacher Institute 12/27/01 irismedia
Database responses 12/28/01 S C
pg.2 Databases 12/28/01 S C
p3. databases 12/28/01 S C
ELEM: teaching fiction spine labels to third grade 12/28/01 Johanna Halbeisen
postings 12/28/01 S C
Target: 5th grade author study Natalie Babbitt 12/28/01 Cathy Rosenstock
TAR: Copyright Question 12/28/01 John_Goldsmith
Tech: graphics for Web page 12/28/01 Diana Clarke
Re: Caldecott Medal 12/29/01 MARY NIEDENFUHR
Re: LM_NET Digest - 28 Dec 2001 to 29 Dec 2001 (#2001-1374) 12/29/01 Bonnie Keyser
First Grade Book Suggestions 12/29/01 Ben and Laurie Alden
Christmas DownUnder - next + 2 12/29/01 Barbara Braxton
TARGET: Opinions on Article 12/29/01 Dawn Sardes
Opinions on Jones Article/Sardes request 12/29/01 Mary Alice Anderson
Re: Need info. on administration policies and more 12/29/01 Naomi Zyndorf
observations 12/30/01 Marge Strandell
More Christmas DownUnder 12/30/01 Barbara Braxton
heroes 12/30/01 Marge Strandell
Tech:Free search tool 12/30/01 Carole L. Ashbridge
observations 12/30/01 Marge Strandell
Another Book Hunt Results 12/30/01 Cynthia Patridge
Re: Tech:Free search tool 12/30/01 Dawne Reed
heroes 12/30/01 Marge Strandell
Re: Jones article 12/30/01 Susie Highley
Attention: NYC school librarians - info request 12/31/01 Lori K Joffe
BOOK: Painting the black by Deuker 12/31/01 Frederick Muller
NEEDED: Web Sites with Library Lesson Plans 12/31/01 smm2p
search engine for webpages 12/31/01 Frances Cullom Harper
SHARE: Great Food and Science Video 12/31/01 uthoff
Stumper 12/31/01 Camilla Goulet
First for 2002 12/31/01 Barbara Braxton
NJ NY PA New Elementary Media Centers 12/31/01 Linda McCoy

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