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Remember when "The dog ate my homework" was the excuse for not handing in
work?  Lately I've been hearing the technological equivalent: "My printer
isn't working," or "It was late and my ink cartridge ran out." Of course,
these disasters always occur on the night before the day the report must be
handed in...even if they've known the deadline 3 weeks ahead of time!

In an effort to help students with their time management skills in regards
to deadlines, I'd like to put together a light, humorous list to share with
the students that would give various examples why it is not a good idea to
wait until the night before the report is due to begin (or finalize) your
work. Hopefully through the humor they will get the message that time
management is preferable to procrastination.

The list would look something like this:

Top Ten Reasons to Not Wait Until the Night Before My Report is Due to Print
Out the Paper (a bit wordy but who cares?)

10. Your mom doesn't like to go to Kinko's at 1 a.m. in her bathrobe.
9.  The last ream of printer paper was sold 5 minutes before you walked into
Office Max.

Any other ideas?

I will post a hit of all suggestions.


P.S.  If suggestions to first email bounce back, please use my school
e-mail. I just found out that my ISP, who contracts with Excite, may
discontinue service at any moment.

Rosanne Zajko - SLMS
Ancillae Assumpta Academy
Wyncote, Pa.

rmz@adelphia.net (home)
rzajko@ancillae.org (work)

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