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My profound thanks to all who responded to my request for suggestions of
fiction, suitable to the 5th-7th grade level, that was set in ancient
cultures.  I am making a school visit to a 6th grade class tomorrow to
booktalk & play book bingo.  They are studying ancient cultures.

Pharaoh's Daughter by Lester
To Ride the God's Own Stallion by Wilson (Assyrian)
Anne of Byzantium by Barrett (NOTE: I just read it today and absolutely LOVED
The Dragon's Son by Thompson (Arthurian)
For All Time by Cooney (Time Travel/Egypt)
Sword Song by Sutcliff (Vikings)
The Well of Sacrifice by Eboch (Mayan)
His Majesty, Queen Hatshepsut by Dorothy Sharp Carter

The Golden Goblet by Eloise Jarvis McGraw
Some of the stronger readers in grade 6 might enjoy two books
by Clemmence McLaren:
    Inside the walls of Troy
    Waiting for Odysseus
How about the EGYPT GAME by Snyder (Recommended 9 times)
Shadow Spinner is an excellent book sent in an ancient Persian culture.
(Recommended 5 times)
Boy of the Painted Cave by Justin Denzel - an exciting introduction to
ancient cultures and Mesopotamia.  We also
read the picture book versions of Gilgamesh (3 volumes) and wrote our own
middle chapter and drew illustrations for our books.  The Egypt Game
by Zilpha Keatley Snyder is a good read about with references to Ancient
Mara, Daughter of the Nile - Eliose Jarvis McGraw
The Royal Diaries Series has one about Cleopatra which would be appropriate
for this age group
Rosemary Sutcliff's excellent novels of Roman Britain

Dawn Sardes
YA Librarian
Euclid Public Library

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