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I wonder if any other Reading Counts users are having/have had this problem
with a disk from a Scholastic book club.  I purchased several last spring
and had no problems, but this fall I ordered the Sept. Arrow Book Club disk
and when it arrived, I loaded it and printed out the list of titles
included on that disk.  Although the disk loaded 30 titles, five listed on
the printout were not actually on my program when I double-checked.  I
called RC and they said it was a book club problem and I would have to deal
with Arrow.  I've called Arrow three times now and they sent me another
disk--same tests, no change--the second time reassured me they were aware
of the problem and I would be put on a list to receive the new disk as soon
as it was burned (that was about the middle of Oct.) and the last time I
spoke to them about 3 weeks ago, they assured me they would look into it
and get a new disk out to me, as well as give me some bonus points on my
account for the hastle but still no disk!!

Has anyone else had problems like this and were they resolved?  I don't
want to have to buy the tests separately being I have the books and want
the tests they said would be on that disk!  I'm also wondering what other
five titles it loaded that were not listed on the printout being it loaded
30 titles.

Thanks for any help!


Joyce Rodriguez
Media Specialist
Central City Public Schools
Central City, NE  68826

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