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Since posting my hit I have heard from a few people regarding things they
felt were inaccurate.  ?In the original, I did not check the replies for
accuracy -- only passed them on for those who were interested.  I did note
one thing I myself felt was misleading, when one response mentioned they
found it awkward to have to re-enter the password each time you changed
functions, especially when there was a substitute working the desk.  This is
technically true, but it is
only so if you are not using the multitasking capabilities of the program.
For instance, it is much easier to open the functions once, and minimize
them, rather than close them, each time you move.  Then you can re-open them
by clicking the minimize button, and no password is required.  Here are the
other updated comments I received.

?In this Hit someone mentioned that you could not run reports by grade with
Spectrum.  This is totally false.  I ran all my overdues by room number.
There are fields within your patron information that allows you to put the
number, the teacher's name and whatever you choose.  You must create these
user indexes.  But it is possible to do this.

?     The Hit mentions several times about having to use a PASSWORD to get
into everything when you are in Circ mode...     One thing I REALLY like is
the fact that I CAN CUSTOMIZE the passwords for functions at various
levels...thus I can keep some things password protected, and leave other
chores, for volunteers and student workers which DO NOT NEED A PASSWORD.

     Further, If you find the idea irksome, you can shut off the need for a
password for any fuction in your personal preferences setup.

     I have just been on SPECTRUM 5/0 since earlier this year, having just
upgraded from the old Winnebago DOS... CIRC/CAT.... the students LOVE IT!,
and actually so does the faculty, and everyone except a few a of my LONG
TERM volunteers  (people who have volunteered for over 7 years...mostly
grandmothers of former students) who will say,  "I Don't take to change in
these computers very well...so I prefer what I was comfortable with."

Linda Lucke
LC Director
Butterfield School

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