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Hi, All--
Thanks to all who commiserated with my
predicament! If the responses received are any
indication, we're all in the same boat. Changing
the date due to accommodate school closings is
not a task for the unintiated! No one seems to
have THE answer (including Support!)
For those of us on a "fixed" schedule of classes,
who would like to set the date due for students
to the date the class is next meeting, the
process is well-nigh prohibitive. Having tried
the obvious options (changing loan period for
patron types and material types and revising the
calendar settings)without success, I am now
considering the possibility of creating a
material type for each classroom. That might also
accommodate the single student who uses the
library independently on any given school day --
his/her date due should coincide with the next
time the class visits. Has anyone tried this? Is
it worth the time it would take?
Oh, for the days of the "old" Winnebago when we
were able at least to set a global due date with
a few strokes!
--Betty Rendino, Librarian
Jericho Elem Sch
Jericho, VT

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