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It doesn't take a lot to encourage me you know, and I have had so many
messages from people who are enjoying these little pieces while the rest of
the list is so quiet that I shall keep on.  Remember YOU are in control of
your finger that hits the 'delete' key.

Today the shops opened for the bunfight that has the more formal name of the
"After-Christmas Sales", and in the interests of on-the-spot research, I
joined the crowds.  These are my observations ...

1. Those who go shopping at this time should pack their patience in their
purse as well as their money.
2. The thing you wanted BEFORE Christmas and couldn't find is available by
the cartload now, but NEVER at  sale price.
3. If you hate shopping with your partner, take him along at this time -
guaranteed he will never want to come with you again.
4.Those who park in spots reserved for the disabled, even if they are not,
deserve the fine that they get!
5. Those who go to the shops at this time in their cars should ensure they
have a full tank of petrol to make sure they will be able to manage cruising
up and down looking for a space.
6. Those who got up early enough to get a park should be able to auction the
space to the highest bidder before they pull out of it.  Might even pay for
your purchases.
7. Those who are not prepared to smile should stay home.
8. Take a stock of opening lines for conversation in the checkout queue -
"Having fun?" is good, and you may meet your life's partner!  You may even
celebrate your first anniversary before you get to the checkout!
9. The queue at the next checkout ALWAYS moves faster than yours.
10. People who want to exchange their gifts just because they don't like
them, should be made to wait until after New Year.
11. Of the 10 things you buy, 9 won't be at sale price.
12. Your favourite shop just doesn't look the same with all those people and
you find yourself disoriented and wandering in unfamiliar territory - at
least that's what you tell your partner when you come home with lingerie
instead of lettuce.
13. Children and crowds don't mix, and ANY bribe that grandparents demand to
look after them is worth it.
14. You should avoid the shoes, manchester and small appliances department -
not only are they crowded, they are boring.  Head for books, CDs. Christmas,
toys ... or better still, the movies.
12. Those who survive to go again are awarded an M.S - (Master of Shopping)
or sentenced to the Ward for Incurable Shoppers!

Kia ora

Barbara Braxton
Teacher Librarian
Palmerston District Primary School

T. 02 6205 7241
F. 02 6205 7242
E. barbara@austarmetro.com.au
W. http://www.palmdps.act.edu.au

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