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I got a copy and it was great! At the very bottom it tells you how to get a copy 
for free. Sorry about the formatting it didn't want to cut and paste very well for 
some reason.

Sarah S. Uthoff
High School Librarian
Durant Community Schools
Durant, IA

Consumer Inquiries:  888-INFO-FDA
FDA's FOOD SAFETY VIDEO WINS EMMY AWARD  The National Academy of Television Arts 
and Sciences Mid-Atlantic Region awarded an Emmy to the Food and Drug 
Administration's (FDA) and the National Science Teachers Association's (NSTA) video 
"Dr. X and the Quest for Food Safety."  This video, which competed in the category 
"Outstanding  Children's Program/One-time Only Special," is one component of the  
supplementary food science curriculum "Science and Our Food Supply"  developed by 
FDA and NSTA.  "Receiving the Emmy for 'Dr. X and the Quest for Food Safety' 
demonstrates that science programs can be creative and entertaining while

>the same time providing valuable information to students," said  Joseph A. Levitt, 
>director of FDA's Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition.
>The video features a savvy food scientist, Dr. X, and a student who  introduces 
>and reinforces the science concepts of food safety from the

>to the table.  Dr. X  explores behind-the-scenes research in laboratories and the 
>latest food
>safety technologies that affect the foods we eat.  Students learn how microbes 
>live, grow and spread, and they meet real-life scientists working in a variety of 
>food science careers. The "Science and Our Food Supply" educational kit that 
>includes the
>Emmy-award winning video is available free of charge to middle and high  school 
>teachers through the NSTA web site at www.nsta.org/professionalinfo 
><http://www.nsta.org/professionalinfo>  <www.nsta.org/proferssionalinfo 
><http://www.nsta.org/proferssionalinfo>> . Requests can also be mailed to NSTA, 
>Science and Our Food Supply, 1840 Wilson Blvd., Arlington, VA  22201-3000
or faxed to 703-522-5413.

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