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SHARE:Artist of the Week display in library 10/23/01 Julia Steger
Re: FW: NYC Fire Dept 10/23/01 Laura Strickland
Humor: Book Fair 10/23/01 Clay and Jan Cole
Re: Noise in the Library 10/23/01 Laura Strickland
HIT: books about cold lands 10/23/01 Rebecca Reitz
ELEM : Math software for Mac 10/23/01 Joanne Proctor
Re: Noise and other problems 10/23/01 Madeline L. Buchanan
GEN: Getting books back on "Library Day" 10/23/01 Joanne Ladewig
HIT: books about family tree 10/23/01 Susan Philhower
Substitute teachers for librarians 10/23/01 Madeline L. Buchanan
SEC, MID: Fantastic Author Visit 10/23/01 Peter and Joanne Shawhan
TARGET: SEC: fiction that takes place in other countries 10/23/01 Rena Deutsch
TARGET: SEC: Books re: Arthurian myths, legends, etc. 10/23/01 Rena Deutsch
Re: Genealogy for kids 10/23/01 Suzanne Weinheimer
President's message about children sending aid to children in 10/23/01 Martha Gomez
Re: President's message about children sending aid to children 10/23/01 Josephine Dervan
TARGET: Need a tape of Steve Martin's song, "King Tut" 10/23/01 Judy Freeman
HIT: Theme of "Thriving" 10/23/01 Hilda Mah
Personal Request:Any Dade Co. Media Specialist 10/23/01 Carole Bierwiler
HIT: Brother P-Touch labeler 10/23/01 Linda Slacum
Re: Noise levels 10/23/01 Barb Engvall
TECH: Size of PowerPoint Presentation 10/23/01 Theresa Collins
TARGET: MIDDLE & SEC: Reading Incentive Programs 10/23/01 The Carpenters
NYC School 10/23/01 Susy Siel
Re: GEN:Weeded Material Policy 10/24/01 Diane Ward
Target: Lessons or resources on Propaganda 10/24/01 Shirley Lukenbill
SHARE: Halloween Cut-Out Story 10/24/01 Josephine Dervan
Looking for a video 10/24/01 Sandra Cotten
ELEM: VanAllsburg activities 10/24/01 Jan Sullivan
Re: GEN:Weeded Material Policy 10/24/01 library
Peanut Butter Video 10/24/01 KAREN TRUKOVICH
Gen: Harry Potter covers 10/24/01 MIKIDS & Harry Potter!
HIT: McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Sci & Tech 10/24/01 Margaret Mary Jascur Bedle
TARGET: AUTHOR'S VISITS 10/24/01 Jane Biago
MID/SEC: Bluford Series/Townsend Press 10/24/01 Monica Williams Mitchell
target: overcoming obstacles 10/24/01 Tracy Magin
primary resources 10/24/01 Nancy Thackaberry
Snake Handling video 10/24/01 Beth Reardon
Target: 3M Security System Service Agreement 10/24/01 Sabbar, Jodi
No Subject 10/24/01 Jo Ann Lynn
TARGET: famous immigrants 10/24/01 Theresa Bermingham
TARGET: Art Encyclopedia for HS 10/24/01 Bev Nelson
Words, Words, Words 10/24/01 Jennifer Malphy
Target>Classroom Sets of Reference Works 10/24/01 Jo Ann Lynn
HIT: Religion websites 10/24/01 Kim Monaco
TARGET: History of the al Qaida network 10/24/01 Susan Grigsby
Gen: Middle : April Morning Challenges by parents 10/24/01 Jacquie Henry
HIT: Elementary Internet Search Strategies 10/24/01 Jill Sceifers
Halloween story 10/24/01 Denise Mattson
Sorority recommendation 10/24/01 Diane Culbertson
SEC: query re: book promotion 10/24/01 Anita Booher
SEC Book Fairs 10/24/01 Garry Jantzen (Marshfield)
TARGET: Retribution for a kid coloring in a book 10/24/01 Suby Wallace
MS: What do kids REALLY read? 10/24/01 Barbara Uhlman
Re: Noise in the Library 10/24/01 dtissair@snet.net
boxcar children 10/24/01 Yeries, Shirley
TARGET: Acceptable use policy 10/24/01 Robie Martin
Graphic novels for Teenagers -- Rationale 10/24/01 Sandra Parks
SEC: Feedback: Yes or NO 10/24/01 Claudio Laferla
Re: President's message about children sending aid to children in 10/24/01 dtissair@snet.net
TARGET: SEC Fiction on science 10/24/01 Anita Beaman
TECH: DNS problem "solved" 10/24/01 Joyce Conklin
HIT: Rationale for graphic novels - teenagers 10/24/01 Naomi Bates
MARC records for videos? 10/24/01 Krahling, Char
Re: SEC: Feedback: Yes or NO 10/24/01 Art Wolinsky
HUMOR: silly questions 10/24/01 Doyle_Tony
GEN: Need bookplates I can put thru a laser printer 10/24/01 Johanna Halbeisen
GEN: laser printer bookplates - Thank you!! 10/24/01 Johanna Halbeisen
HUMOR: Those extra letters will get you every time! 10/24/01 Cyndi Gates
TARGET: SEC Series Like Biography Today 10/24/01 Michelle Walker
Stowaway by Hesse & Sacajawea by Bruchac 10/24/01 Courtney Laurie
Hit: Biographies for primary and middle 10/24/01 Stephanie Taylor
Target: MID: Means of grading or assessment for Middle school 10/24/01 Stephanie Taylor
GEN: Book ends 10/24/01 Theresa Collins
HIT: primary resources colonial period 10/24/01 Nancy Thackaberry
Librarian vs. Information Technologist 10/24/01 Janet Gross
update: DIGITALDIVIDE listserv has moved! 10/24/01 Andy Carvin
Re: HUMOR: silly questions 10/24/01 Joanne Proctor
SEC: Student Technology Survey needed 10/24/01 Mormon,Ruth
MIDDLE: School Newspapers 10/24/01 Amy Cassidy
Automation for small library 10/24/01 John Politis
HIT: ELEM : Need Career Advice 10/24/01 Teresa Linebarger
Library Lesson Plans 10/24/01 Sonja Rosenbeg
TARGET: Opinions of Users of Accent by Sagebrush 10/24/01 Kristinia Nowlin
TARGET: Possible topics for research paper - MLS program 10/24/01 Jim & Kim
GEN: Reminder-- LM_NET at AASL Breakfast 10/24/01 Peter Milbury
TARGET: Teen Read Week Questionnaire 10/24/01 Laura Strickland
SHARE: Noise in the Library 10/24/01 Gretchen Baldauf
Re: GEN:Weeded Material Policy 10/24/01 Diane H
Tech: Weird Word saving problem 10/24/01 Vicki Sherouse
Hit: Downloading MARC 10/24/01 Rebecca Bishop
ELEM:Removal of AR Books into Classrooms? 10/24/01 Elizabeth Gillies
Re: HUMOR: silly questions 10/24/01 Diane H
Hit: State contact info 10/24/01 Leya Booth
Humor: reference question 10/24/01 Jamie Boston
Re: Graphic novels for Teenagers -- Rationale 10/24/01 S Brisco
TECH: porno site and math site 10/24/01 Russell Smith
GEN: Public library card & "contest?" ideas - please! 10/25/01 Joanne Ladewig
Re: ELEM:Removal of AR Books into Classrooms? 10/25/01 Barb Engvall
ELEM:Removal of AR Books into Classrooms? 10/25/01 Vaneesa Thompson

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