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Hi Netters:

I'm starting a new position at an elementary school (700+ K - 6 students)
that has been automated with Alexandria 3.0 for a year or two. This
position has "turned over" twice recently, and I've been forewarned by a
teacher that the data on the students is "a big mess."

After starting up the computer, I got a message that I should dump the
archive records because they were taking up too much room. The single
computer in the library is an iMac with a tower under the desk. It's my
understanding that Alexandria is installed on this computer only, not on
the district server, although the computer is linked up to the district
network for e-mail and Internet.

I'm sure I've seen this thread discussed before, but I couldn't locate it
in the LM_NET archives.  My TECH query is:

How often should circulation archive records be "dumped?" Or shouldn't

I plan to export the graduated students out (there are apparently two years
of graduated students remaining at this point). I assume that this will
"free up" a significant portion of space, but I'm also surprised that
there's already a lack of space on such a new system. I'd prefer NOT to
dump circ info for current students.

I'm sure others new to this situation would appreciate advice - I'll be
glad to post a "HIT" if there's enough interest and advice received.
"Edress" advice to <shatz1@earthlink.net>

 Joanne Ladewig
"Library Lady" at Lawrence Elementary
Garden Grove, California

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