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HIT  ELEM: AM  Announcements    (Part 1)

I wanted to get this HIT out asap, so I'm sending what
I have here at home. I have more suggestions, but I
think (?) they are at school. I just started a new
K-12 job and I have been trying to get my program
going. I've never worked with K-6, so I've been
gathering lessons for those classes. When I find the
rest of the suggestions, I will post Part II.  Thanks
to everyone who responded!!!

Here they are:

My idea is that if we could come up with a website of
appropriate sayings (Things like:  "Do your best and
your best will get better.") one of the students would
be assigned the task of checking for the thought daily
and relieve me of this when there are so many other
things to organize before we go on daily.

How about using some of those days/weeks from the
calendar info (ie. Sept. is, etc.) that is posted
every month on LM_NET and are appropriate to elem
level? If you need to plan some far in advance, just
go to archives and find last year's lists for each
month. From the topics on that list,  you can then
look up a quote or poem or joke from books in the
library that relate...especially nice for the weeks or
month themes and gives you a starting place! The books
and authors where you found the poem, etc.  could also
be mentioned...sort of a library ad!

There is always my favorite to announce right before a
vacation...."a message from your friendly library
media center...enjoy your vacation  from school but
don't take a vacation from reading!" The kids
know it by heart when they hear my voice or the intro
and everyone smiles!

How about the Farmer's Alamanac site. Don't have the
address at home but they have all that stuff. You
could also use www.uselessknowledge.com  for some

  I usually use School Library Media Activities
Monthly for a "special day in history."  The internet
is also a
good source for quotes, etc.

With so many announcements, I don't like to take up
too much time for cutzy  stuff but I usually put in my
two cents for returning books on time, boxtops,  etc.

I always find this site very useful:

The 5th grade teacher in my school who did this
activity usually  had the  4th and 5th graders who
spoke over the intercom read a paragraph she  had
written about a famous person who was born that day,
and then invited  students to find a biography in the
library if they were interested in  reading more. If
it were Children's Book Week, or any other holiday,
she  would write a blurb about the occasion for
reading at the AM  announcements.

There is a rather new book called Quotations for Kids
(or children) that would help you out. Some of the
quotation sites also feature inspirational messages.
Any jokes would do as long as they are suitable for
broadcast, sometimes the sillier the better
(groaners). There are also  sites for Word of the Day,
this day in history, and birthdays of famous people.
Maybe some of the older students could help with

Try these:


Thanks again!

Elizabeth Bradbury, Media Specialist
MSAD #32
Ashland, ME

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