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If anyone can advise me, I would appreciate it! When I was moved from
classroom to media center three years ago it was with the request that I
develop a middle school library program, and that I remain a member of the
"teaching staff." (This was not the case with other librarian, she had other
duties which prevented this.) This is just what I wanted, however, we still
have multiple study halls through out the day, and study hall teachers often
send students to the library to check out books, return materials, work on
homework, read etc. Sometimes I have as many as 20 study hall students while
I have the class that I am supposed to be teaching. (Of course no other
teacher is expected to take study hall students while teaching - get real.)
The problem occurs when I am in the middle of a lesson and I must stop to
remind a study hall student how to behave - often I must stop two or three
times, these are middle school students after all. I want the library to be
inviting and USEFUL. But I am developing the image of an irate, sometimes
yelling, media specialist who has had to stop her lesson three time in ten
minutes to get kids to settle down. The students think if I'm busy, they can
do anything they want. No help will be hired, I've asked for an aide from the
high school and was told no. So far this year, I've had classes at least six
of eight periods every day. The teachers are supportive, but have no
suggestions except, "If they cause problems, just send 'em back." Great
advice, but they have already interrupted my lesson. This is the job, and I
need to find a solution I can live with. Does anyone else have this
situation? Any ideas? Thank you!

Denise Keogh, media specialist
Tipton Middle School, Tipton IN

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