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Hello Group,

  For those of you familiar with the book Henry Hikes to Fitchburg by D.B.
Johnson you will want to run - no race to the Take a Hike with Henry
activity on CyberBee. This is a book for all ages. It can be used to
introduce everyone to Henry David Thoreau. My colleague, Linda Resch and I
spent a week in Concord this summer meeting the author, meeting Thoreau
(portrayed by Richard Smith), visiting with the curator, Jeff Cramer and
Jayne Gordon Education Program Director at the Thoreau Institute, and
riding the train to Fitchburg. Everyone was wonderful. We even bumped in to
Peter Jennings while at the Concord Museum. We videotaped (digital camera)
and took photographs in context with the book and Thoreau's time. Now, much
of this material is available for listening and viewing. Plus all of the
author's biographies have been updated to include images from the Cornell
University Library Making of America Nineteenth Century Periodals
collection. We certainly appreciate Cornell allowing us to use them on the
Website because they add so much. Highlights of the site:

Meet the Author D.B. Johnson - right now an intro - coming soon QuickTime
movies of him reading the book and explaining the pictures. We used an iMac
and iMovie to create the movies for the Web.

Meet Thoreau (Portrayed by Richard Smith) - Click on the question and
listen to the answer as Thoreau would have answered in 1847. Richard is in
period clothing and at the replica of the Walden Cabin. You may have seen
him on C-SPAN as part of the American Writers series.

Fitchburg Railroad 1845-1900 - QuickTime movies of our modern day trip,
plus a brief history of railroading and the Fitchburg Railroad pieced
together from the Nineteenth Century Periodicals collection with lots of
illustrations. There are several math problems using the primary source
material as a basis for data. (Find it under Links)

1852, 1882, 1906 Concord Maps along with a quick activity using the 1852
map of Concord to find the location of places. I was able to photograph
these maps this summer while at The Library of Congress in the Geography
and Map Division.  (Find it under Links)

Be sure to check out all of the updated biographies under Links.


This is for the kids. We hope you will enjoy the fun of discovery just as
much as we did!
Join us at AASL in November and Take a Hike with Henry and the author.

Please share this with others.

Best wishes for a great school year.

Linda C. Joseph               Columbus Public Schools
Library Media Specialist    737 East Hudson Street
http://www.cyberbee.com  Columbus, Ohio 43211
Work: 614-365-5278          Fax:614-365-8252

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