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I am posting this message with my thanks to Peter for approving:


Craig Brown, a children's book illustrator is a personal friend of
mine, having met when he first visited one of my schools several
years ago.  Recently he has had some very serious health problems --
and has accumulated more that $25,000 in bills (AFTER Insurance).
Since his bypass surgery he is now better than ever -- except for the
accumulated debt.  As a means to help clear this debt he has decided
he will sell the original art for his books.  This is an announcement
of his intent to offer the art for sale.  His work is very nice --
and since his work is created using stippling (dots instead of lines)
the art is generally the same size as the book illustration.

Craig Brown has illustrated many books during his continuing
  career with children's books. His stippling technique is quite unique
  in the world of children's literature. His work is part of the rotating
  display of Art in Children's Literature at the Cedar Rapids (Iowa)
  Public Library and the entire series of illustrations for In the Spring
  is on display in the library in his childhood home town of Tama,
  Iowa. Several of his pieces are part of personal collections.
  In an effort to make his work accessible in schools and libraries, and
  after fielding several requests from collectors interested in obtaining
  individual pieces of his illustrative art Craig Brown has made the
  decision to offer, for the first time, his original art work for sale.

For the next two weeks various pieces of art from his books will be
offered at a "one-price" sale.  More information may be found at

Sharron McElmeel
Sharron L. McElmeel <mailto:mcelmeel@mcelmeel.com>
Writer, Editorial Consultant, & Webkeeper @ McBookwords
3000 N. Center Point Rd
Cedar Rapids, IA 52411-9548
ph. (319) 393-2562; fax (319) 393-4749

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