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    Here is a situation that has happened in our building this fall. I =
am waivering between it being a real "issue" or spending my energy on =
other demands.  This fall the schools in our district are starting to =
use the new reading series that they selected in the spring: instead of =
having the entire district go with one publisher each school was able to =
make their own choice for primary and intermediate grades. In our =
building grades 1 and 2 went with McGraw Hill, and 3-5 went with =
Scholastic.  Our school is already a user of Reading Counts.. however.. =
McGraw Hill has sent a free version of Accelerated Reader to be =
installed for their McGraw Hill editions of the books in the series.. of =
course, those teachers want that software installed. =20
    Does anyone have this situation in their building?  On the one hand =
it bothers me to have these two big competitors existing on our network, =
on the other hand, the tests are just for the M-H editions which are =
worth only about one half of a point...
   We have not installed the A.R. yet, but I am looking for other =
opinions about what to do.  The M-H editions are not available through =
Scholastic [apparently these tests are just on excerpts of their books =
not the entire book]
    Please share any opinions.

Sue Marley
  Media Specialist/Technology Coordinator
Smoky Row Elementary
Carmel, IN
school: smarley@ccs.k12.in.us

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