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Thanks to all who responded to my request for display slogans for new books.
Following are the responses I received. I cut and pasted, minus the names.
I hate not giving credit for these creative ideas, but I had not asked
permission and hope I have done this correctly. I cannot wait to use these
wonderful suggestions!

How about:
- What's New?
- Welcome our new additions to the library family (use a baby announcement
- Look!  (Put two hands holding a book jacket with a head peeking over it on
the bulletin board and put the new books on a table or counter in front).
- Growing Readers One Book at a Time (Use the small photos of the bookcover
for your new books from the publisher's catalog or use the book cover image
from Amazon.com glued to card stock. Hang them from a branch anchored in a
base.  Stand the new books around the "tree".) Alternate slogan - Good reads
Grow in the Library.
- Fall for our new books (use fall leaves)

I've used "Check out what's new"- even my first graders "get" the humor.

I made a display with Easter grass, plastic eggs and some baby chicks (toy)
with a sign that said "look what just hatched in the Library".  The kids
loved it.

I put a large friendly fire-breathing dragon with "Hot New Books!" for the

I'm not full of ideas about new books, but I did have a display that a
photographer took a picture of once and it made front page of the local
newspaper.  It was titled:  New Arrivals  (which is what caught my eye in
your LM_Net note)    I used a 3-D Stork and I used huggies or pampers to
suspend new books in the display.  Also had blue and pink paper rattles with
new book titles on them.   The stork was from a baby shower kit.   I did it
on a bulletin board, but I think it would be adaptable for other locations.
It did get a lot of attention.

Check these out!

"Get them while they're hot!"

"New Books for a New Year."

We did an Oceans of Opportunity reading incentive.  We had phrases such as
"Crab a good book" with a graphic of a crab and "Octopi Your Mind with a
Good Book" with matching graphic.  We also used Dig into a Good Book when
we did a mining theme.  A sports theme included Exercise your mind with a
good book.  We also used Transport yourself with a good book.

Check out our new books!

Carol Wirwa
Crockett County Middle School
Alamo, TN 38001

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