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Some years ago I was in charge of the study halls at my high school. Study
halls of 10 or fewer met in the library, while bigger ones met in a
classroom. The library was closed during those hours. I finally was able to
convince the administration that the library needed to be open at least
some time during the day, so once in a while teachers were permitted to
trade their class for my study hall when they wanted to use the library.
I'm no longer at that school, so I can't say whether things have improved
or not.

Here, I'm a full-time librarian. We don't have study halls, and teachers
are required to bring (and stay with) the entire class when they want to
use the library. We also have a excellent discipline system. If a teacher
sends a student to the office for disciplinary reasons, the student will
not be back to that class that day, and maybe not for a couple of days. We
don't have much patience here with students who disrupt classes, and the
kids know it. As a result, we don't have the discipline problems that many
schools have to deal with.

Yes, I'm very happy here! No, we don't have any openings today (but many of
us are nearing retirement age, so there may be openings in the future)!

David Lininger (kb0zke), LMS
Hickory County R-1 Schools
Rt 1, Box 838
Urbana, MO 65767
(417) 993-4226
mailto: tss003@mail.connect.more.net

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