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Good Morning - hope you all had a great day off. My 21 year old musician
son, no college, is looking for a better job. He works for warehouse records
and has moved as high as he can, pay scale wise. They have given him quite a
bit of responsibility, so apparently he is a good employee. Anyway, the cost
of living in Seattle is high and he just can't make enough. He moved out
there with his band to follow his dream, and is doing well in that respect.
So, my question is: does anyone know of a good job opening? Naturally, no
guarantee, but something he could apply for. He thought of the library as he
used to help me, but everything they have is part time when they call you.
He is getting so frustrated. He is trying to do all this on his own. (Of
course, college would have been best, but he wouldn't settle down until he
tried this I know.) They have a "gig" at the EMP in October, so they aren't
too bad!  Any thoughts and prayers are appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Kris Waymire, Media Specialist
Harney Elementary School
Lebanon, IN  46052
"We have the world to learn from!"

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