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What great support you all are! The responses came quickly.  I think the=20
student brought in a book - not one of our Guiness Book of World Records, as=
I haven't found anything in any of our editions.=20
There was a request for a hit, so here it is!

"My immediate guess is that the teacher is pulling your leg!!
We have the Guinness Books going back about 5 years.=A0 The only thing CLOSE
to what you mention is "world's biggest breasts", which are shown on a large
woman with a fair amount of cleavage showing (mostly because her dress is
spaghetti strap or low cut somehow).=A0 These are not even in one of the new=
editions. We have these books on an overnight checkout because of their
popularity, and I know one of our students would have shown this to us.=A0 I=
addition, 2 years ago a teacher challenged the Guinness books as being
inappropriate for an elementary school.=A0 The books won!=A0 If the largest
penis was in the book, I'm sure it would have been noticed.=A0 The librarian
and I (plus the teacher and her friends, I'm sure) combed the book looking
for anything that might have been given as proof of inappropriateness at the

"I really don't think that this has appeared in any Guiness that I have ever
looked at, but I seem to remember one on largest breasts that the boys in
middle school really liked, however they were clothed in the picture!"

"I had a parent a few years ago tell me it was in the Guiness book but we
could never find it either.=A0 Maybe one of those "urban legends"."

"There are other specialized editions of the book of records - it=20
probably is not in the general one"

Laura Strickland, LMS
Mayport Middle School
Atlantic Bch, FL  32233

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