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Hi all.

My original post was a plea for help with a new mouse that we could not get
to work.  Thank you so much to all who responded - many people graciously
offered advice.  Here are the responses I received in case any one else
needs help with the same problem.  I edited out reponses that seemed to
repeat the same info.  Once again, thank you to the many people who took the
time to respond.  Not all the tips worked, but trial and error is a
wonderful thing!  The mouse works!!

In the Windows 95 Control Panel, click on the System icon, and then click on
the Devices Manager tab.  You will see a list of installed devices.  If a
mouse installed, click on the "+" next Mouse and it will give the type of
mouse installed.  This should match your type of mouse.  If a different
mouse installed that means a wrong mouse driver has been installed.  Remove
the installed mouse.  If the Mouse does not show up in the list of devices,
that means the mouse has not installed.

To install the mouse, click on Add Hardware in the control panel.  When it
asks if you want Windows to search for hardware, choose - No I will select
from a list.  Select Mouse from the Hardware Types.  If you have a disk that
came with the mouse (CD-ROM or Floppy) insert it in the appropriate drive
and click on Have Disk.  If you do not have a disk, select your mouse
manufacturer and type from the lists.  Windows will install the appropriate
mouse driver from the mouse disk or the Windows 95 disk.
I would go into "device manager" in control panel, find the mouse, see if it
is listed- if it is there, delete its reference, reboot the computer and let
the computer "find it."
Go to Start> Settings>  Control Panel>  Add/Remove Hardware
It should say "Add New Hardware". Let Windows search for it using the
hardware wizard.
Have you tried turning off the computer, plugging in the mouse, and then
turning the computer back on.  The computer should autodetect the mouse.  I
am assuming this is a serial mouse rather than an usb.
If it has an usb connection, you need to install the software prior to
connecting the mouse.
There are keystroke ways to do everything a mouse can do; tyr
combinations of tab and <control>tab, then enter when the desired
item is "highlighted"

The reason depends on lots of things; is it a PS2, serial, or USB
mouse. IN GENERAL, youneed to remove the old mouse in software as well as
hardware; this is accomplished with the ControlPanes|System|DeviceManager
facility, selecting the old mouse and then Remove.  After that, with the new
mouse connected, restart the computer and it wiii usually detect it and do
evertrhing. If not, go thru ControlPanel|AddNewHardware and follow the
prompts.  The features of the mouse you bought will determine whether you
will insert a driver disk (likely) or if it will be in the operating system.
 Note that USB was not supported on the store-purchased or
early OEM installations of Win95.
  1)Find your "Computer" Icon [button]
  2)Left click -- drop down menu
  3)Right click on Properties -- "Devices" will open
  4)"Mouse" icon will probably have an "X", indicating 'not found'
  5)Go to "Control"|"Settings"|"Add New Hardware" and Double Click
  6)'Detect Hardware' should result in detecting the mouse is 'missing'
  7)Insure the mouse is properly attached to the back of the tower, and
follow the instructions until you are told it has been installed, and/or the
arrow appears and the mouse responds.

 You probably need to shut down the computer totally before you hook the
mouse to the computer. Try that. Often times the computer doesn't like
something new.
Something else I did one time was hook the mouse into where the keyboard was
supposed to be!

Kathy Farrell
On leave from S. Bruce Smith School
Edmonton, Alberta

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