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Hello Gang--

     Was actually off-line this week as I start the school year,  meaning to
turn back on next week when things settle down.  However, at our pre-start of
in-service workshop I ran across what,I want to confirm through this forum,
is an EGREGIOUSLY flawed take on copyright.

             A speaker to our district (addressing all the teachers) included
the following statement in his presentation pack  AND  pointed it out to our
whole staff as being true.  (I do not as yet have Carol Simpson's book... it
is on order so I don't have any hard proof to point to)   I think some
feedback from this list would be helpful to shoe my administrator and Carol
if you are tuned in I would love to hear your take on it.

        "No liscense (sic) is needed for use of music within classrooms or
schools. For regular seminars and conferences a  "Music Performance
Agreement" is required from BMI and costs $100 a year.... followed by a BMI
contact number"

          BTW, this is an internationally known speaker on learning and
motivation and he directed the audience to even buy his CD ( of music to use
to motivate in the classroom) and feel free to copy and share it... We
wouldn't all have to have a copy and it would be OK because he's already paid
the licensing fee on these tunes.  These are all TOP 40 tunes from the

          What does anyone have to say?  I was speechless.

Sandra L.Priest-Ploetz, Librarian
GLP Primary School, Eden Central Schools
Eden, New York

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