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I need your help!  I am asking anyone who has participated in any of the previous 
Jason Projects to please contact me.  I have shown this year's Jason Project plans 
to my 9th grade science teacher and she is interested in possibly using it with her 
earth science class.  I have been to the Jason Project page and have also done a 
search to locate any school who might have participated in this project.  I have 
also requested additional info from the Jason Project.
I would like to have some feedback from anyone who has used the Jason Project.  
Before we pay for the curriculum unit, I would like to know what you thought of the 
program; did it deliever what was promised; and was it used throughout the year or 
just when the actual "live" broadcasts were conducted?  Also...if you had to join 
as an "at large site", do you know what satellite dish configuration is needed?  
There is no state or local agency designated as an affiliate site of the Jason 
Project here in PA so we would have to join as an "at large site."
If we decide to pursue this, I need to write a proposal to justify the cost and 
explain in detail how it will be used in class and I need more info than what I 
have been able to find on the web!
Thanks for any help you can give me!
Judy Gardner
Library/Media Specialist
Lebanon High School
Lebanon, PA
VRD Information Network Specialist

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