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Thanks for the replies. These are the responses I received:

I like MH-18 very much. I have ordered it through EBSCO for our middle
library (grades 6--8). Unfortunately, the subscription hasn't kicked in,
yet. I
have placed  on the shelf  a couple of issues I had purchased and did not
encounter any problems.

We gave a subscription to my 18 year old son.  The major problem we had is
there would be months when he didn't receive an issue.  Their publishing
sequence is spotty.  It does get into tamer sex issues than Mens Health.  I
don't think it's much worse than many of the teen girl magazines.


I also received the copy but I thought some of the articles were a little
mature for my 7th and 8th graders.  Though this is my first year at a junior
high and I may be over-compensating.  I had been wishing for something like
this the entire time I was at the high school level.  If there seems to be a
general consensus that this is ok for 7th &8th please let me know.

I subscribe to this magazine and love it.   It has issues and topics that
are affecting boys this age without being crude and racy.  Because it is so
new, it hasn't been picked up as much as some of the other mags, but I feel
the word will spread and it will eventually be read a lot more.   I have
been promoting it every chance I get.   Finally a magazine for young adult
boys.   It's about time.   :o)

I'm receiving a free subscription to MH-18 this year.  So far it is very
popular with my students.  [High School]

We subscribed to MH-18 last spring.  It is published by Men's Health,I
think, a magazine which we thought a little too adult in content for some of
our students.  However, we only received one copy before the magazine when
on "hiatus", and since then, have just received the Fall 2000 issue.  So it
is really too early to make a judgment.  Of course, already one of our
seniors complained that we were cancelling Men's Health for this substitute.
[High School]

I called the company when I received the free issue since I wanted more
data.    This is actually a free subscription for a least a year.    It may
be a  good tool for HS.

I have subscribed to it for my high school...I
considered putting it at the middle school, but I
thought some of the topics were more appropriate for
high school.

I received a free subscription too.  I glanced through it and it seems all
right - but I'd be interested in seeing what you learn!
 [Middle School]
We just started receiving MH-18 toward the end of last year.  It seems to be
a MUCH better alternative to some of the others (Men's Health, etc.).  So
far, no negative comments (our technician -age 19- liked it).  It seems
pretty mild.  Not too many checkouts so far--maybe because the boys have
never heard of it.  [High School/Middle School]

Susan A. LaFlamme
Library Media Specialist
West Springfield Middle School
West Springfield, MA

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