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I've been reading all the comments on Accelerated Reader/Reading Counts =
with interest.  So far, I'm undecided on my own conclusion, but I can =
share some observations and thoughts.

I just read an interesting article on this subject in general (reading =
management programs) entitled Keeping Score by Karin Chenoweth in the =
School Library Journal.  It can be located online at this URL:  =
9.  The article is dated 9/1/2001, but I do not have the volume number =
or the page numbers.  If someone happens to subscribe to School Library =
Journal, would you please post the volume and page numbers of this =

The article presents both sides of the issue rather succintly, but it =
concludes that both programs are still experimental, not proven.

My own 8th grade daughter has been a participant in AR since 5th grade.  =
She says she doesn't like it, especially the STAR assessment test (she =
scores below her grade level which embarrasses her), but she likes =
taking the quizzes.  More notably, as she is not what I would call an =
avid reader, I am impressed with the number of books she reads, and they =
are not all for AR.  Sometimes she reads a book for AR, then she reads =
others by the same author.

As for young children (Kindergarten, 1st grade), I would be afraid of =
risking a negative experience.  However, I do have a 2nd grade son, a =
reluctant reader I might add, that I think would be ready for such a =
program and would benefit from it.

My 4th grade son is already an avid reader, and I think a reading =
management program would slow him down.  He truly reads for the =
enjoyment of it, sometimes reading the same book several times (Harry =
Potter series, for example).  If he were in AR, I doubt he would re-read =
as he would not be getting any "credit" for doing so.

I would be interested to know if there are any of you are using one of =
these programs on an optional basis.

Sue Fox
Bus Ed Teacher
Jackson High School
Educ. Library/Media Technology, Grad Student
GA State University

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