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In my small district we have 2 schools, PK-6 and 7-12.
I am the media specialist in the elementary school. I
bought AR and the tests, Chapter I bought STAR and the
head of our tech department bought expansion for two
hundred more users. She has networked our program and
now has denied me administrative use of it. She did
not want to give my disks back, but I insisted. She
wants to set up the program, enter the names, etc. She
even changed the password so that I could not get in.
She said it might mess up her servers. AR tells us
this is not so. Everything now goes through our school
network. We cannot use our CD drives on our computers.
Access has been denied by the district. If we want
anything installed or we want to play anything, we
have to submit a work order to her and get the techs
to come to install it if it is improved. All of the
site licenses in our district cannot be accessed
unless you send in an order and request the program.
They will then be pushed out from the district tech
office by the program she uses. Some of these still
require cds to work and she has all of the cds. Our
filter would not let me access a site on Dr. Seuss'
book "I can lick ...tigers" I guess it thought "lick"
was pornographic. We cannot access our printers to
tell them how many pages to print. If you tell the
computer to print, it prints the entire thing no
matter how many pages it is. I cannot install the cds
given to me by our state agencies. I have to contact
the tech department and request that they install
them. They have many requests and sometimes that takes
time. It also takes time to get students enrolled in
STAR if she happens to be out of the district for
training or whatever. Through my principal and a
meeting with my superintendent, I am now able to add
names and test on STAR without calling her first, but
I am still restricted in other ways. I give her all
the credit for getting us so much equipment and having
several labs in the school. She has written many
grants and we would not have the equipment without
her. She works many hours and goes to many workshops
to stay abreast of the latest technology. I just
wanted to know if this is the way things are handled
in other districts. I am almost through getting my
library automated. The equipment came from the tech
department because my budget is less than $7,00.00 per
year for everything. Now the tech department is out of
funds and I am wondering how I am going to afford all
the things I need: to get a scanner, new labels, pay
for technical support, etc. Do any of you have this
problem? Please contact me at kbjowers2001@yahoo.com.
This is my home email address. I cannot read my emails
from the listserv at school. Karen B. Jowers, Media
Specialist Macedonia Elementary School Blackville, SC
29817. kbjowers2001@yahoo.com

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