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Dear Group,

The second of four responses follows my request for novels about


Painting the black, by Deuker  When star athlete Josh Daniels moves in
across the street, Remy Ward doesn't realize how much his life will
change during his senior year at Seattle's Crown Hill High. Safe at
Second, by Scott      Paulie Lockwood's best friend Todd Bannister is
destined for the major leagues until a line drive to the head causes him
to lose an eye and they both must find a new future for themselves. Gold
dust, by Lynch   In 1975, twelve-year-old Richard befriends Napolean, a
Caribbean newcomer to his Catholic school, hoping that Napolean will
learn to
love baseball and the Red Sox, and will win acceptance in the racially
polarized Boston school.
[I think these are baseball novels.]

You didn't say how old your student was that was interested in
basketball books but "Danger Zone" is about a group of high school boys
chosen to be on  a pre olympic basketball team.  I thought it was pretty

Try Painting the Black by Dueker. Most of our girl's basketball team has
read it even though it is a "boys' book. They recommended it to each

I did a "power search" in Amazon.  Keywords: basketball and mystery.
there were 25 hits, some elem., but others looked promising.  I know
there is a series of sports based mysteries (adult not ya), but I don't
know the name, so the search might be helpful.

Walter Dean Myers has written several-Slam, Hoops, Outside Shot. Bruce
Brooks - Moves Make the Man (my son's favorite).  Night Hoops by Carl
Deuker.  A favorite of mine-includes a mystery and is written from the
standpoint of a wheelchair bound girl and a boy who just doesn't quite
"fit in" and how they come to appreciate each other - Chelsey and the
Green Haired Kid by Carol Gorman.   All are middle school level.

Tears of a Tiger
Books by Matt Christopher

Have you offered "The One Million Dollar Shot"? It is a lot of fun for
4-6th graders.

Rich Wallace     Playing without the ball
We just got this in and can't keep it on the shelf.

Matt Christopher and Dygaard are my main sports authors.

Please try the sports series by author Fred Bowen.  www.fredbowen.com
He is a READ IN! author again this year...wonderful man, and all of his
stories are about baseball, basketball, etc. and have factual
information in them.

One of the best basketball books I have read lately is Rebound by Eric
Walters.  It is great!!!  Walter Dean Myers also has written a couple of
good ones.
Bennett, James W. Blue Star rapture.
Carson, John F. The coach nobody liked : a basketball story.
Christopher, Matt and Kidder, Harvey. Johnny Long Legs.
Deuker, Carl. Night hoops.
Dygard, Thomas J. Outside shooter.
Dygard, Thomas J. Tournament upstart.
Dygard, Thomas J. Rebound caper.
Dygard, Thomas J. The rebounder.
Heuman, William. Backcourt man.
McCormick, Wilfred. The play for one : a Rocky McCune basketball story.
Myers, Walter Dean. The outside shot.
Myers, Walter Dean. Slam!
Brooks, Bruce. The Moves make the man.
Deuker, Carl. On the Devil's court.
Myers, Walter Dean. Hoops.

Joanne Shawhan
Library Media Specialist
Cobleskill-Richmondville High School
Cobleskill NY 12043
(518)234-3565 x1151, 1152
(518) 234-9006 (fax)

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