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Yappy Hew Near Everyone, from me and the cats.  Guess what, one (or more) of the 
cats ATE, yes, ATE some of the Christmas tree lights.  How did they avoid 
electrofrying themselves?  The empty sockets on the cord are chewed to smithereens, 
making it impossible to stick in replacement bulbs.

Anyway, to the subject I'm actually writing about.

Does anyone recognize this book?  A woman, age approx. 50, is seeking a book she 
read in the early to mid 1960's.

Protagonist: Young girl, age approx. 12
Setting: USA, rural, farm community, early part of
  this...er, I mean last...century (1920's she thinks)
PLOT EVENTS: Girl is waiting for a visit from her cousin, a city girl.  Cousin 
writes that she has read Black Beauty and can't wait to ride a real horse.  In 
preparation of the other girl's visit, girl bathes her family's old, white plow 
horse and reads Black Beauty herself

Girl's grandpa gets a car--she goes for a ride in it with him, and the statement is 
made that she is thrilled to be "sailing along" at 20 miles per hour.

Girl enters a church baking competion--overhears neighborhood matrons passing on 
baking tips--"for an extra light and fluffy crust, add a pinch of Baking soda."  
Girl adds too much to hers and her pie comes out upside down, it is taken to the 
church event and she is embarrassed, but she gets a special commendation for her 
"original" entry.

Any takers on this one?

Dawn Sardes
Euclid Public library

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