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Here are the responses I received regarding the use of pens/markers on
a Smart Board ... what is safe, what is not ...

For those of you who use "Smart Boards" -- not just white boards, but the
interactive multimedia "Smart Boards"-- a question --

We are having a bit of an ongoing debate in our district about the
advisability of using markers (other than the electronic pens that come
the Smart Board) such as dry erase markers and water-soluable
markers. One
group thinks this is fine. Others think this should not be permitted, since a
cumulative dulling residue could accumulate and eventually effect the
of the image display.

Any experiences to report -- good or otherwise? Over a course of time? I
contacting the Smart Board company itself, but could use some field
feed-back. Thanks much!


We just got Smartboards at my K-8 school. My principal is really afraid the
teachers will damage them, to the point of not wanting them to use them!
Please post a hit of any information you receive.

I would not use any dry markers. Since you can use
your finger (or really anything that applies
pressure), why not just use any type of marker with
the cover still on?

There is a special cleaning "stuff" available to do a thorough clean job on
the board. We have never used the electronic pens with ours. I ordered
cleaner fluid from Library Store Company, in Illinois, I think. I'm at the
other building now, but I can check with that librarian if you need me to do
so. Of course I didn't order cleaner for my building, since I had worked in
both buildings, I thought I could share back and forth. Now I'm not in that
building and have no cleaner for our smart board. Go figure.

We don't use anything except the pens that came with the smartboard.=A0
But on the other side of the smart board is a dry erase board.=A0 You have to
take it apart to change the board though.=A0 I have been told that this is not
too difficulte if you have two people.

I use my smart board as a marker board with dry erase markers all the
time since I don't have any thing else to write on in my room.=A0 If you use
the White board cleaner they sell to clean the board it doesn't seem to
cause a problem.
I have no experience with these boards, but a lot of experience with
markers in general.

My experience has been that markers leave no residue if the surface is
cleaned properly.

However, if you allow people to use any kind of marker, one day one is
going to make a mistake and use a permanent marker on it, ruining the

Kathy J. Reynolds, Media Specialist
Midview Local School District
37999 Capel Road
Grafton, OH  44044
(O) 440-748-5262
FAX 440-748-0131

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