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Happy New Year!

I'd like to tap into your collective knowledge bank regarding the
creation of electronic professional portfolios. I've searched the LM_NET
archives and found very general references to their importance but
little guidance on creating one. As a student in Drexel University's
library media certification program, I am nearing completion of my
coursework. I wish to know the views out there on developing an online
professional portfolio for employment purposes. I would be considered a
"pre-service" school librarian as I am completing three field studies
this term; however, I am at a loss as to what standards I should use in
designing a portfolio. AASL published guidelines for the education of
library media specialists seem directed more toward practicing school
librarians or at least those candidates with a lot of practical
experience. I know that pre-service teachers have specific guidelines
they may use for portfolio development, but what do beginning school
librarians use? How valuable do you think an electronic portfolio is in
the real world? In your experiences, have portfolios been valuable as
job search tools and as guides for reflective professional development?
Has anyone run across any guidelines for portfolio development
specifically for school librarians? I have searched the Internet to no
avail. Thanks everyone! I'll post a hit if there is interest.

Laura Brooks
Post-Graduate School Library Media Certificate Candidate
College of Information Science and Technology
Drexel University
Philadelphia, PA

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