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Here are three great opportunities to take Library Media Courses Online =
from the comfort of your home:

 University of Montana Announces Spring 2002 Online Library Media =
 The Library Media Program in the School of Education at The University =
of Montana announces its Spring 2002 Course offerings:  C & I 483:  =
Library Media Technical Processing, C & I 484: Administration of the =
School Library Media Center, and C&I 478:  Trends in Library Information =

 C & I 483: Library Media Technical Processes (3 credits)

From catalog cards to MARC (Machine Readable Catalog) records -=20

From original cataloging to copy cataloging -  AACR2R  -   OCLC  -  LCSH =
  This course is designed to take the mystery out of creating catalog =
records for every item in your school library.

 C & I 484: Administration & Assessment of Library Media (3 credits)

 Is management a new job for you?  Challenged by budgets?  Need to find =
a better way to work with your administrators, teachers, students, and =
their parents?  Learn new ways to make this frequently hidden, but very =
important, role of the school library media specialist, easier.

 C & I 478:  Trends in Library Information  (3 credits)

 This online course will examine current trends and hot issues in the =
library information field.  Students will explore listservs, technology, =
resources, information literacy standards and curriculum, websites, =
conferences, copyright laws, censorship virtual field trips and Internet =
searching, authorized use permits and how each subject or issue relates =
to libraries. Investigations will occur regarding the role of the =
librarian in the 21st Century utilizing information gathered from a wide =
variety of resources.  Class interaction will occur in an interactive =
chat room with projects submitted primarily electronically.

 Dates:  January 28, 2002 - May 17, 2002

Location:  http://umonline.umt.edu

Cost:  $495.00 per 3 credit course

 How to Register:

 1)   If you are not  currently a student at The University of Montana, =
visit http://admissions.umt.edu/       for an application.

 2)   If you are not currently a student in the Library Media program, =
please contact Dr. Sally Brewer or Dr. Carolyn Lott for an application. =
Their contact information is listed below.

 3)   After the University notifies you that you have been admitted, you =
need to register for the courses in the following location. =20



 The Courses Request numbers (CRN) for the courses are as follows:

 C&I 478      CRN 33717                          Sec. 60                 =
       3 Cr.                Curdy

C&I 483      CRN 33719                          Sec. 60                  =
      3 Cr.                Brewer=20

C&I 484      CRN 33718                          Sec. 60                  =
      3 Cr.                Lott

 Questions ? ? ?

Contact Sally Brewer

Email: sbrewer@selway.umt.edu

Phone: (406) 243-2563

Fax: (406) 243-4908

 Contact Carolyn Lott

Email: cjlott@selway.umt.edu

Phone: (406) 243-5785

Fax: (406) 243-4908


Gloria Curdy, Library Program Coordinator
Missoula County Public Schools
215 S. 6th St. W.
Missoula, MT  59801

"Whatever the costs of our libraries,=20
the price is cheap compared to that
of an ignorant nation."....Walter Cronkite

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