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Here's Part 2

I have not taken the School Library test in the past year (sorry). But I
did take it in '97 and I think it had just changed the year before so
hopefully they are using the same test. I'll just fill you in on what I
remember, although everyone apparently gets a different version so I'm not
sure how helpful this will be!
First, I remember there were lots of questions on various review sources.
Since middle/high was my area of interest, I drew blanks on the elementary
sources. So that's something to think about
Second, be sure you are very clear on _Information Power_ I recall many
questions on that - but that should be old hat to you by now.
And third, if you have taken a SL Administration class lately that will
probably help a great deal.
I also looked at the review book Praxis put out but the actual test was *far
and away* much easier than the review book. Who knows if we are talking
about the same book or not - but I remember the book really scared me and
the actual test came quite naturally after 2 years of grad school.
 - Adrienne Ehlert Bashista

I took the Praxis II Library/Media last summer. It was not available on
computer, I was told only the Praxis I series was computerized. I
re-read Information Power before taking the test. I believe that was
excellent preparation as much of the test is based upon that source. (I
read the first edition.)
 =96 Deborah Hanenkrant

I took the Praxis II: PL&T a year ago last November. I didn't do a lot of
studying for it, but remember wishing I had boned up on some of the basic
lesson planning and teaching strategies I had learned in college. The one I
took did not focus on library at all.
The written questions had to do with describing a classroom problem/issue and
what could be done about it. Things like what to do about a student who
understand a concept you're trying to teach. Another question I remember was
about a teacher who was trying to do a group learning project. It described
what he/she did on day 1, day 2, etc. I had to analyze his procedure and tell
how I would do it differently, etc.
- Cyndi Gates

Shannon Murphy
Murfreesboro, TN
MTSU- Grad Student

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