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I chalk up teachers' losses as just part of doing business.  Good rapport
with the teachers is essential for us to be effective in our
jobs.  Although I don't encourage teachers taking carts of books to their
rooms, if the library is booked for weeks ahead (which is very common), I
can't expect the assignment to wait so I compromise and let the books go to
the classroom.  Usually they all come back but if one or two don't, I let
the teacher know and ask him/her to try to find it.  If not, it goes down
as a lost book and I'll decide whether to replace it or not.  The teacher
is not charged.  The same is true of items checked out for teachers
use.  Sometimes materials get lost or damaged but I don't charge.  If it
were a big problem in my school, maybe I would be less understanding
:-)  With equipment (e.g. digital cameras, alphasmarts, etc.), I let the
principal make the decision to charge or not.  Of course,we take into
consideration the circumstances -- did a student borrow it from the teacher
or was it left in China during  vacation (yes that happened).


> >>> Lori Fultz <FultzL@SIDNEY.K12.OH.US> - 1/3/02 7:43 AM >>>
>One of our teachers informed me the other day that her dog chewed up a new
>$30 library book.  I'm not sure how to proceed.  How have you handled =
>situations?  Since it is a teacher do you just let it go?

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