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A would highly recommend you get the book, Student Cheating and Plagiarism in the 
Internet Era by Ann Lathrop and Kathleen Foos.  I realize time is of the essence 
but perhaps you could order online and have it delivered overnight.  The book deals 
exactly with the focus for your presentation.  The greatest asset of this book are 
the "Copy Me" pages that you can copy and distribute at workshops/presentations, 
This past summer I used this book as a basis for a presentation I did for my high 
school teachers.  I used one of the suggestions and actually "wrote" a paper on 
Napoleon Bonaparte that I "copied and pasted" from one of the online paper mill 
sites.  I had the teachers read the paper and then grade it.  I told them this was 
a student's research paper...complete with in-text citations and works' cited.  
They actually thought the student had done a pretty good job!  I then clued them in 
on where the paper came from.  I also showed them how to enter a "string" from the 
paper to check for plagiarism.  As a result of this search, we found this "free" 
paper on several different sites!  They were shocked to see how easy it has become 
for students to do research papers.
Another activity that I use with my students is actually tell them about these 
paper mills!  That might be considered by some of sending the wrong message but I 
feel that a stronger message that it sends is for them to know that WE know some of 
their tricks!

Judy Gardner
Library/Media Specialist
Lebanon High School
Lebanon, PA
VRD Information Network Specialist

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