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On Fri, 4 Jan 2002, Josephine Dervan wrote:

> I have been following this thread with interest.
> Many years ago when I started in my first teaching job, one teacher
> often lost books from collections that she signed out for her class. I
> tried to get her to assume financial responsibility. However she was a
> good buddy of the principal. I was told by the principal that if a
> teacher took out a book and misplaced the book it was OK to forgive any
> fines. Reason: the book had been used by kids and for educational
> purposes. At the time I thought that it was favoritism. I learned much
> later that this was a wonderful piece of advice.
> I have never considered charging a teacher for a lost book since. I have
> discovered over the years that we are in fact, all on the same team. To
> antagonize a teacher over the cost of a book is foolish. What I do now
> is to suggest that that if the book does turn up later, just send it
> back. I make lots of friends that way. No matter how large a school is
> it is not helpful to have enemies.
> My Media Center is a friendly place where all are welcomed- teachers and
> students alike. If I make an enemy over a book it is not worth it. A
> class can sense when a teacher and a Media Specialist are on friendly
> terms and when they are not. It is easier for all to grit your teeth and
> forget the whole thing. You never know when you may need favor from
> her.

I agree with this - especially when a book has been lost in the line of
duty. I've had a couple teachers lose books they'd taken home, lost out
of carelessness and when they offered to pay, I accepted. But most losses
seem to occur in the classroom.

We can, however, give teachers some help. Some are more careful than
others and some need a gentle kick in the knickers to be
reminded/encouraged to be careful! I always give them a print-out
of their check-outs along with a few suggestions on how to keep track
of the books (e.g., you just borrowed 54 books... try counting them up
before kids leave at the end of the period).

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