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I'm a little late in putting this on here but was thinking about it this AM
so here it is.  I don't remember seeing it appear previously.

One of the hardest things to get across to students is the fact that not
everything on the web is 100% accurate.

In the October 2001 issue of Good Housekeeping magazine... right inside the
cover was a two-page ad from United Health Care.  It asked a question in bold
black print at the top of the page.... Would you take medical advice from a
sixteen-year-old?  (Not the exact phrase since the magazine is at school)
Then it talks about the Internet.

Luckily it appeared just when we were starting some classes in which I talked
about that very topic!  I held up the magazine and said .... this company has
paid for a two page ad right inside the cover to help educate adults to the
fact that not all info on the web is good.  That's why we're taking the time
to teach you to be aware of the sites that you are using as you do research
and look for information now. (Then we talked about the fact that computers
weren't available when many adults were in school.)

It was a great teaching tool!!!  I've been tempted to write to Good
Housekeeping and United Health Care and suggest that they turn it into a
color poster and share it with all the schools.  It would be advertising for
them ... UHC has it's logo at the bottom and I'm sure GH could do the same on
the poster.  It would be an invaluable tool for us.

Anyway...if you can find a copy of the magazine ... it's a great ad to use.

Jo Anne Collins, L/MS
Van Buren Middle School
Kettering Ohio

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