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I posted a note about three weeks ago asking for pros/cons of the Sony Mavica
digital camera series that utilizes floppy disks.  I rec'd about 75+/-
responses...ALL in favor of the camera brand that they were currently using.
Many had had the same problems with other cameras...limited to only one
computer to download to, etc.

After receiving the responses, I began immediately to try to find the latest
in the "floppy" series...the Mavica 92 (earlier one was a 72 I think).  Tried
Circuit City, Home Depot, and Sam's here in Rome (GA).  CC was sold out and
were not going to order any more.  Home Depot carried a very early model
only, and Sam's carried the 72 for the cheapest price locally...however, sold
out over the weekend.

I checked the Internet for it and found some on-line deals...but I don't
think our school system will order from on-line stores.  CC's on-line store
said they still carried it...but the store here told me "I" could call around
and find some of their stores who had it and then "they" would try to get
them for me.

I went to Staples and they not only had the camera (92) at a lower price of
$499 ($100 less), but said they would check with their other stores and get
me as many as I needed.  So hopefully on Monday we will be ordering two of
them, along with a memory stick for each one and a floppy disk adapter that
will allow teacher's to use the memory stick and then place in the fd adapter
and download on their computer and now be limited to the one in the library.

I am also thinking about asking to buy one of the Mavica's that use a small
CD-RW to load pictures.  Each CD will hold up to 900 + pix.  Will have to see
how much begging I can get away with.  :)

Thanks to all who shared their recommendations!

Tony Pope, Library Media Specialist
McHenry Primary School
100 McHenry Drive
Rome, GA  30161

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