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I'm a teacher librarian in a secondary school in
Toronto, Canada.  I was monitoring this listserv as
part my Librarianship Part 111 (Part 3 is the top
additional teaching qualification).  I'm head of the
library, but I am also the only TL at the school.  We
serve about 650 adolescent students and about 500
adult high school students.  I've have seven teaching
qualifications in addition to library and experience
in all (English, Sociology, E.S.L., Guidance, Co-op,
Data Processing Senior & Adult Education).  Altogether
I have about 12 years of teaching experience--this is
my second year in the library and I make about 62,000
a year (that's Canadian dollars). I teach 6.5 out of 8
possible teaching subjects (theoretically anyway)--I'm
actually on for more.  Twice a week I don't take
I've got my honour's B.A. in English from Queen's U.
I'm curious about the differences between Canada and
the U.S.  Do most Media Specialists need to get their
M.A. in Library Science?  Can you do that online?
Would there be any job openings for someone like me?
(I'm not sure I could move in reality because of joint
custody arrangements with my ex-husband, but I am
curious) Our provincial government seems intent on
destroying our public system of education.  It keeps
cutting educational funding.  Schools can not afford
the new textbooks for the new curriculum, and it looks
like Teacher Librarians may soon become obsolete--to
be replaced by Library Technicians (much cheaper).
I'd be obliged if someone could send me a message.

Sandra Dimock, Teacher Librarian
George Harvey C.I., Toronto, Canada

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