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ELEM: Books with punchy beginning 03/08/02 gelbmann
TARGET: Purchase of Lego/LOGO 03/08/02 Erica Payne
TAR: SEC: Social class resources (to use with Great Gatsby) 03/08/02 Anderson, Julie LHS-STAFF
HIT: Library Staff Justification 03/08/02 Kathy Geronzin
remove 03/08/02 Rose, Lisa
Expired Domains and Porn 03/08/02 gprice
Re: TECH: Importing patron pictures 03/08/02 Mark Williams
Help: identify poem 03/08/02 Monica Kemp
Bill NYe Videos 03/08/02 Melvina Matherne
CA only: SEC: Need AR co-presenters for CSLA 03/08/02 Anthony Doyle
Will you meet me again? osbn 03/08/02 ehiwilliam
jumping folder virus 03/08/02 Jan Buchholz
Re: TARGET: Web design/maintenance policy 03/08/02 Barbara Braxton
Re: jumping folder virus - FREE SOLUTION 03/08/02 Barbara Braxton
What A College Student Thinks About Librarians 03/08/02 gprice
GEN: Library Science Classes 03/08/02 Devona Pendergrass
Gen: Textbooks 03/08/02 Devona Pendergrass
UCLA Writer Apologizes 03/08/02 gprice
Re: Need order info for video 03/08/02 Emily Honaker
Re: MS crime solving book 03/08/02 Maureen Irwin
GEN: How to pay someone out of grant 03/08/02 Johanna Halbeisen
UCLA Article 03/08/02 Barbara Braxton
NYLA/SLMS 2003 Call for presenters 03/08/02 Nancy Thackaberry
Will Hobbs 03/08/02 Alice Burnett
Re: Recorded textbooks 03/08/02 Shonda Brisco
Re: Librarian article "stupid"? 03/08/02 Shonda Brisco
Re: UCLA Article 03/08/02 Barbara Braxton
GEN: re: What A College Student Thinks About Librarians 03/08/02 Ken Umbach
TAR: Collaborative lessons for Chem & Physics 03/08/02 Barbara Kane
Query: Coin op copiers for students in HS Libraries 03/08/02 Kay Hones
uses for old card catalogs 03/08/02 Alan
Target: Changing AR Reading Levels 03/09/02 Jeanna Dennis
Re: offensive article 03/09/02 Nita Garcia
Indiana and Minnessotta only please 03/09/02 Coral Antony
Target: How does an abstract differ from a summary 03/09/02 Deborah Stafford
How College Students Think: An Update 03/09/02 Shonda Brisco
Share: NetSteps 03/09/02 Marilyn Harfst
Speech pathologists request for "letter" books 03/09/02 Karen McIntyre
TARGET: International School Library Day, 2002 03/09/02 Sherry Scoville
BOOK: Welcome to the ARK by Tolan 03/09/02 Frederick Muller
BOOK: Blackwater by Bunting 03/09/02 Frederick Muller
BOOK: Life in the fat lane by Bennett 03/09/02 Frederick Muller
BOOK: Sacajawea by Bruchac 03/09/02 Frederick Muller
Re: SLJ Subscription 03/09/02 Darlene A Yasick
Target: Printer cost control 03/09/02 Darlene A Yasick
BOOK: The secret voice of Gina Zhang by Yang 03/09/02 Frederick Muller
Bill Nye and Changing AR reading levels 03/09/02 Titus, Susan Shumpert
Re: TARGET: GLBT teen resources 03/09/02 Elizabeth Bentley
Re: TARGET: International School Library Day, 2002 03/09/02 Barbara Braxton
NYC: Vist Early Childhood Media Center 03/09/02 Lynne Milner
Athenaeum Light Questions 03/09/02 Pam Stein
Buckeye Children's Book Award Nominations List 2002 03/09/02 Ada \"Gerry\" Kent
Books for Speech Pathologist 03/10/02 Carol Kershaw
50's fiction + Clifford beanbag 03/10/02 Sue Marley
TARGET: Waterhouse Hawkens-cataloging 03/10/02 Tina Hudak
GEN: Media Literacy 03/10/02 A Coupe
tar.. high interest, ave.readers, books club selectio 03/10/02 Bev Rovelli
Oklahoma Book Award 03/10/02 Toni Buzzeo
E: RL Changes in AR 03/10/02 Jeanna Dennis
TARGET: automation survey 03/10/02 Bonnie Hanks
BOOK: Curse of a winter moon by Casanova 03/10/02 Frederick Muller
mission statement 03/10/02 Nancy McCall
Re: What A College Student Thinks About Librarians 03/10/02 William and Cynthia Carr
BOOK: Mummy by Cooney 03/10/02 Frederick Muller
TARGET: Smart Board 03/10/02 Daniela Lankford
Sec: need suggetions for religious reference books 03/10/02 emily mulch
Textbook Circulation 03/10/02 Sue Weiss
Humor: Points to ponder 03/10/02 Dawn Sardes
Humor: A Parochial Education 03/10/02 Dawn Sardes
HIT: Student Sign In 03/10/02 Linda Dougherty
Re: need book title 03/10/02 Theodore Brindle
Re: Women inventors 03/10/02 Theodore Brindle
HIT: SLJ price 03/10/02 Christine Anselmo
Book Character Dress Up Help Needed! 03/10/02 Nicky Komolavanij
Re: Women inventors 03/10/02 Theodore Brindle
OFF TOPIC: Six months on, your heroes are heroes again 03/11/02 Barbara Braxton
[sln] RE: TARGET: International School Library Day, 2002 03/11/02 Barbara Braxton
Hit: Waterhouse/catalog 03/11/02 Tina Hudak
Re: BOOK: Curse of a winter moon by Casanova 03/11/02 Toni Buzzeo
Need an action picture book. 03/11/02 Carl A. Harvey II
UPDATE: NASSP Bulletin articles 03/11/02 Carolyn Gierke
Re: Query: Coin op copiers for students in HS Libraries 03/11/02 Carolyn Gierke
Re: (off topic) Things to do in Salt Lake 03/11/02 library
Target: Elem: word processing & keyboarding scope/sequence 03/11/02 Jensen, Christina
Author/Speaker Wanted for High School 03/11/02 AIANI Candace
Re: PLANET EARTH SERIES 03/11/02 Michele Miller
TARGET: Scholastic Reading Counts! and Middle School Users 03/11/02 Thompson, Renee
Library cartoons 03/11/02 Stephen and Maree Mortimer
GEN: cataloging software for small libraries 03/11/02 Lucy Wassef
Re: UCLA Article 03/11/02 J'aime Foust
Target: Sci Fi for 2nd/3rd 03/11/02 Maureen Mooney
water damage 03/11/02 Jan Buchholz
UCLA Article 03/11/02 brian doxtator
jumping folders 03/11/02 Jan Buchholz
Re: UCLA Article 03/11/02 Anthony Doyle
GEN: Book about book reviewing, for 2nd grade 03/11/02 Rebekah Olson, LMS
Target: author addresses 03/11/02 Brenda Krings
TAR: Wow! PowerPoint lesson 03/11/02 Susan Grigsby
Digital Mavica FD-73 03/11/02 Theresa Collins
Montana only - Where do they offer MLS? 03/11/02 usjlibrary

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