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Email Contests 03/11/02 Jennifer Malphy
Ellen Rimbauer 03/11/02 Nancy Thackaberry
Daily Bruin column about Library Science 03/11/02 Carolyn Gierke
FW: UCLA Writer Apologizes 03/11/02 Toni Koontz
TAR: Tangerine by Bloor 03/11/02 Guinyard Butler Middle School
R.L. Stine Books 03/11/02 Cindy White
book jackets 03/11/02 Nancy Brunker
GEN; ELEM; author query 03/11/02 Chuck Finnigan
Let's Help Foundation - Videos 03/11/02 Lisa Jessup
Re: book jackets 03/11/02 Shonda Brisco
TARGET: ELEM: brochure/handout for kids on choosing a good book 03/11/02 Charlotte Lesser
Re: Daily Bruin column about Library Science 03/11/02 DEFRANK, KAREN
HIT: Help on Poem identification 03/11/02 Monica Kemp
Checklist 03/11/02 Kramer, Nancy
Gazetteer-High School 03/11/02 Deb Ennen
TAR:Fiction and Nonfiction in Books 03/11/02 Diane Sharber
Re: Email Contests 03/11/02 Jenny Campbell
TARGET: The Meeting by Jeff Stetson 03/11/02 Chris Beardsley
Target: Sex Education 03/11/02 Morgan Doyle
Thanks for the water tips 03/11/02 Jan Buchholz
GEN: A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket 03/11/02 M. Johnson
New Web portal will promote digital opportunities worldwide (fwd) 03/11/02 Andy Carvin
replacing book jackets 03/11/02 Boehm
Re: Let's Help Foundation - Videos 03/11/02 Cheryl Sturgeon
Maps of Cancun 03/11/02 Dawn Sardes
Target: powerpoint sounds 03/11/02 lmason@marktwain.net
Re: Maps of Cancun 03/11/02 Dawn Sardes
call numbers 03/11/02 Elaine Willis
TARGET: Bed making scoring guide 03/11/02 Joni Rathbun
book covers 03/11/02 Diane Whitney
TARGET: The Silver Kiss Discussion 03/11/02 Joan Marstiller
TARGET: Publisher Information 03/11/02 uthoff
TAR:Elem.-Books That Teach Inference 03/11/02 Linda Peterson
afterschool programs 03/11/02 Angela ottman
Re: Will Hobbs 03/11/02 Christine House
ELEM: Alyssa S. Capucilli author visit 03/11/02 Suzanne Ng
Re: book jackets 03/11/02 Jean Townes
REF: seeking poem 03/12/02 Lester C. Noecker
principal interview questions 03/12/02 Pati Daisy
Target: Interactive website for Ancient Greece or Rome 03/12/02 JRowan
TARGET: Solar System Webquest for 5th grade 03/12/02 Erica Payne
Monthly Celebrations 03/12/02 Margaret Downs
pen pals 03/12/02 Raynette Schulte
TARGET: Famous murder trials - late 20th century 03/12/02 Carolyn Gierke
Re: principal interview questions 03/12/02 HAAN
Re: principal interview questions 03/12/02 HAAN
Book about moving 03/12/02 Gail Smith
Tech--software 03/12/02 Susan Patrick
TAR: Book suggestion - 6th grade 03/12/02 Christie Hamm@SWES
Help with a book title (set in Canada) 03/12/02 Maureen Pelensky
HIT: Email Use 03/12/02 Jennifer Malphy
Target - Civil War Signal Corps Information 03/12/02 Saran McDonough
TARGET: Reading Incentive Celebration 03/12/02 Marcia Dressel
Plagerism checking software / online services 03/12/02 Amy Ojserkis
DVD - German 03/12/02 Saran McDonough
Target: 3rd Grade lit sets 03/12/02 LaDonna Meuschke
TARGET>MID>Distance Learning with Australian School 03/12/02 Karen Naftzger
TARGET: Willy the Dreamer 03/12/02 Cindy Brown
LM-NET 03/12/02 Carolyn Gierke
Junior Friends of the Library Groups - Middle School Level 03/12/02 Deborah Maehs
character sketch 03/12/02 Sue Coleman
ELEM: book title needed 03/12/02 library lady
GEN: need article and chart 03/12/02 Toni Koontz
SEC: British Lit. Summer Reading 03/12/02 Tish Carpinelli
Video 03/12/02 Debra Kilcup
GEN: Women's Day features libraries 03/12/02 Marcia Dressel
Automated library systems reviewed 03/12/02 Jenni Elliott
Help - Southern CA only 03/12/02 Christie Hamm@SWES
Book about death--recommended 03/12/02 Kris Detmer
pen pal website 03/12/02 Raynette Schulte
Re: ELEM: book title needed 03/12/02 Grace Oliff
AR Copyright Question 03/12/02 Carol Kotsch
SHARE- Elementary Author Visit 03/12/02 Josephine Dervan
Card catalog program needed 03/12/02 Allene B ell
GEN: Rationale for not grading in library 03/12/02 Chuck Finnigan
Re: Book Covers 03/12/02 Clay Cole
TECH: Disabling Shortcut Keys 03/12/02 Becky Palgi
Off topic: American Revolution from British viewpoint 03/12/02 Sue Adams
Re: Book Covers 03/12/02 Coral Antony
TAR: Battle Book Questions 03/12/02 Wendy Morris
Activities for Count of Monte Cristo 03/12/02 Karen Boyd
April is School Library Media Month 03/12/02 Steven Hofmann
GEN: Nationwide Job Search Database 03/12/02 RAJ
Gen: Milk posters 03/12/02 Sharon Koontz
MN Only - MN Author/ Non-fiction 03/12/02 Deb Ennen
Baseball part of Grapes of Wrath 03/12/02 Wilma Flagg
Fun "Reading" sayings 03/12/02 Rosalia Carraba
GEN: IL only, position wanted 03/12/02 Holly Garwick
Tiny Marie Shackleford 03/12/02 Margaret
Children's Magazines 03/12/02 Stephanie Finke
Request for information on YA video/film guides 03/12/02 kerico
TAR:SUSTAINED SILENT READING 03/12/02 sybil finemel
What's the scoop? eyfg 03/13/02 emmgmike
TLs and Jog Description 03/13/02 Dianne & Ken
Hit: Pros and Cons of Distance Learning for an M.L.S. 03/13/02 Cheryl King
HIT: ELEM: book title needed 03/13/02 library lady
GEN->needed images of children's faces during wartime 03/13/02 Melinda Miller-Widrick
Re: Unknown e-mail 03/13/02 Michele Miller
Re: book title needed 03/13/02 dbalsam

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