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I would like to use the experiences of the LM_NET collective as some =
support for an article I've been asked to write on things to consider if =
you are going to move from one level of school to another. I've worked in =
elementary and high schools and there's a definite difference. There can =
even be "culture shock" to some extent (or at least that was my experience.=
) Do you have any advice for library media specialists who are considering =
moving from high school to middle or elementary--or any other combination? =
(middle to high, middle to elementary, elementary to middle, elementary to =
What things should be taken into account as you make that decision?
What kind of culture shock might the librarian experience?
What are the advantages of working at ____________ level?
What are the disadvantages of working at ______________ level?
If you've made a change, was it a good decision for you? Why or why not?
If you're thinking about making a change what are you most looking forward =
to in the different level?
Why do/did you want to leave the level that you're considering leaving?
What kinds of attributes should a librarian for _______ level have that =
might not be necessary at other levels?
Thanks, as always for your willingness to help me out. I really appreciate =
the wisdom of my colleagues.
Kimberly A. Brosan, library media specialist
Mid-Carolina High School
Prosperity, SC

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