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I realize I am dropping into this conversation midway, but I really don't
appreciate being called "glorified" anything -- it's insulting.  The job
title I am in, according to Human Resources, is "Library Clerk."  My job
title is "Library Assistant".  When I complete my MLIS, I'll be able to call
myself "Assistant Librarian".  When it comes down to it, it doesn't really
matter to me what the title is (other than pay).  I run the library under the
supervision of a Head Librarian, and if all things were fair I would be a
Librarian/School Media Specialist.  I certainly have the experience and,
almost but not quite, the degree.  The real issue, to me, is whether enough
respect is given to both the jobs--Librarian and Paraprofessional--or for
that matter, the library in general.  It is still shocking to me when I hear
that there are educational professionals who honestly believe that the
library is not necessary any longer.  After all, everything is available on
the Internet.  (That holds, of course, until the server goes down.)  And that
is my five cents worth.

Mary L. Peterson, Library Assistant
Cranbrook Kingswood Upper School Library
Bloomfield Hills, MI
MLIS student, Wayne State University

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