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I might be able to help a teacher with a request but I am absolutely
BRAIN DEAD. I volunteered to make costumes for our school musical before
I found out it was a cast of 109 with no costume collections of any kind.
(oh and everyone requires at least one costume change) Anyway I had about
three hours sleep in the last two night when one of our new teachers came
in and said he felt bad that he hadn't used the media center more. He
wondered if I could come up ( off the top of my head)with some cool ideas
that we could put together for a unit on the Roosevelt (FDR) years. A
chance to collaborate that I've been moaning about forever and all I
could think about was whether or not all the pantaloons were done!! So I
am turning to the people who know all and have done--almost all-- I
think. Seriously if you have any ideas for a collaborative project using
the media center I would love to hear about them. This teacher is willing
to experiment and do different things. Oh-- any by the way the unit
starts next Thursday!.  TIA for any suggestions. I will post a hit if
anyone is interested.
Darlene Yasick
Media Specialist
Hopkins High School
Only the mediocre man is always at his best-- Somerset Maugham

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