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on 3/2/02 6:29 PM, Robert Eiffert at beiffert@ATTBI.COM wrote:

> There was a recent thread on this same subject:
> The Subjects were
> GEN: Dewey - Fiction
> and
> Fiction vs. Non-Fiction in Dewey and Am I Confused
> They ran just before Christmas
> Archives are at
> In those threads, there were several points that haven't come up in
> this new thread.

Thanks for the direction to the archive thread.  It reinforces in my own
mind the way I teach fiction/non-fiction.  I tell my students that there are
three sections in our library--Reference, Fiction, and Dewey.

I explain that reference books could also be shelved with the Dewey books,
but we keep them separate since they do not circulate.  In some cases
duplicates of the reference books can be found in the Dewey section.

Fiction books are made up stories that can be based on something that really
happened, or can be totally from the author's imagination.

Dewey books are everything else.  Included are the Non-fiction books which
are as true as the author can make them, as well as folk and fairy tales,
poems, and plays which are also made up by the author.  At this point I tell
them that the 813 number would include most of our books that we consider
fiction, but that we also keep them separate from the Dewey books to make it
easier to find them since they are used so often.

Of course, then I have to mention that The Chicago Public Library does not
dot it the same way, since they use Library of Congress.  For our small
library which is used more by our younger students, it is easier for them to
find what they want with Dewey, and it saves the headaches of a conversion.

Gail Smith, Librarian and Tech Coordinator
Edison Regional Gifted Center
Chicago, Illinois

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