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Last year I transferred mid-year  from an elementary library position to a =
junior high library position.  I love working with this level, but am =
having problems with some past practices.  Earlier I posted an e-mail =
about teachers being offended that they were expected to check out videos =
from the library  (thanks to all who responded--the information has and =
will come in handy when dealing with the video issue!)

Now I have another major problem.  If you have a policy that deals with =
the following problems, please PLEASE let me know.

I have a couple of teachers that are used to using the library budget as =
their own personal source for classroom and personal supplies, materials, =
and professional collection.  During the 3 years prior to my transfer, =
over $6,000 of library funds went to purchases for 3 individuals--and none =
of the materials purchased are available for students.  Most of the items =
never made it to the library, and the few books that did are in the =
backroom (placed there by the art teacher for these two reasons:  he wants =
to be the only person to have access to them, and many of them have =
content that is not appropriate for a junior high (or even senior high) =
library--which he told me was the case, and believe me, it is the case.  =
These are books that he selected by wandering around Hastings and thinking =
they would be interesting or fun to have.  Other purchases are:  6 =
subscriptions yearly to professional art magazines which went directly to =
one teacher and over $200 yearly for vis-a-vis pens for the same teacher's =
artwork, and band books for the band classes.

I explained to these two teachers that I couldn't continue these practices =
and why.  Needless to say, they are not happy.  In fact, the art teacher =
wants us to meet with the principal and an outside observer to discuss the =
matter.  This is a case where I really need to be able to have data which =
shows that these practices are not standard.  So...please let me know =
anything that will help!

Shelley Skaar
Library Media Specialist
Eastmont Junior High
East Wentachee, WA

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