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I have to second Dorothy here...just because we don't like something =
doesn't mean it doesn't have a place in our collections. I don't particular=
ly like to read fantasy or science fiction but that doesn't keep me from =
having it available. I probably don't push it like I push other materials, =
but I still have them available. And I don't push them because I have less =
personal knowledge about them to be able to speak convincingly to them, =
not because I don't like them and think they have no value. Besides which, =
Go Ask Alice *is* listed in Wilson's Senior High School Library Catalog, =
indicating that many others besides me think it is worthy. That in and of =
itself might lead you to reconsider your position.


Kimberly A. Brosan, library media specialist
Mid-Carolina High School
Prosperity, SC

>>> Dorothy Tissair <dtissair@SNET.NET> 03/04/02 12:57PM >>>
I'm sorry you don't like the book, but I don't believe that this is a =
reason to remove it from the shelf.  I just re-read the book a couple of
years ago and while it may not be non-fiction it is definitely realistic
fiction and could be written by far too many young woman from apparently
"nice" suburban homes, even today.

At 07:51 AM 3/4/2002 -0500, library wrote:
>Frankly, I have never"liked" this book. For one, it claims to be non
>fiction and we know it is not. It was first published as anonymous but we
>know it was written by Beatrice Sparks. Although my library owns 2 copies
>I never push the title.
>If I was deciding to purchase a new copy I would not. I am hoping the
>current copies die a natural death...they haven't circulated in years and
>it may be time to put them to rest.

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