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At 09:57 AM 3/5/2002 -0500, you wrote:
- the characters are weak, there is no development.

Well, duh! This is the diary of a child living on the run.  She really
doesn't stay anywhere long enough to get to "know" anyone, much less
describe them in depth.

I don't believe any of Alice's actions or reactions.

I believe most of them but then I am a woman who has worked with troubled

the language is less than exciting.

but it is the language of an average teen.

As the book never circulates and I don't push it, it may be time to get rid
of it. Reactions I get from High School students concerning the book is,
"This is a stupid book..She should know better."

This sounds like a contradiction to me,  if the book doesn't circulate how
can you be hearing reactions from kids?  I also would not be surprised to
learn that the librarian was not the person that the kid who really needed
to read this book would chose to discuss it with.

I just don't think Go Ask Alice is a well written book and with tight money
I would not purchase it today.

This could be said of almost any book, but the possible removal was what
started this thread.
Dorothy E. Tissair, M.L.S.
Library Media Specialist
Old Saybrook, CT  06475

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