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Thanks to everyone who contributed to this list.  We are using it and a
series of questions  as a basis for all our 11th grade English students'
final projects, which will be written in class.

In addition to reading the book students are expected to:
-research information on the author
-research information on the immigrant/ethnic group
-correlate problems the characters in the book had  with problems  the
ethnic group has experienced

Here is the list (cut and paste it into Word).  You will note that there
are some glaring omissions from the list.  The teachers deleted almost
everything  that has been made into a movie, or has been read as a class
book.  They wanted the kids to actually read a new book.

Compiled by the Sweet Home HS Library


  Angelou, Maya                     I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings
                                      The Heart of a Woman
  Baldwin, James                     Another Country
  Go Tell it on the Mountain
                                      If Beale Street Could Talk
                                      Notes of a Native Son (nonfiction)
  Campbell, Bebe Moore            Brothers and Sisters
                                          Your Blues Ain't Like Mine
  Carey, Lorene                           Black Ice
  Childress, Alice                     A Hero Ainít Nothiní But a Sandwich
                                      Rainbow Jordan
  Cooper, J. California                Family
                                      Homemade Love
  Curtis, Christopher                  The Watsons Go to Birmingham
                                      Bud, Not Buddy
  Ellison, Ralph                       The Invisible Man
  Gaines, Ernest J.                    The Autobiography of Miss Jane
                                      A Lesson Before Dying
  Guy, Rosa                          The Disappearance
                                      The Friends
  Haley, Alex                         Mama Flora's Family
  Hamilton, Virginia                  A White Romance
                                      Sweet Whispers, Brother Rush
  Hansberry, Lorraine                 To Be Young, Gifted, and Black
  Hurston, Zora Neale                Their Eyes Were Watching God
                                      Jonahís Gourd Vine
                                     Moses, Man of the Mountain
  McMillan, Terry                         Disappearing Acts
                                      A Day Late and a Dollar Short
  Moody, Anne                      Coming of Age in Mississippi
  Morrison, Toni                      The Bluest Eye
                                      Tar Baby
  Mowry, Jess                        Way Past Cool
  Myers, Walter Dean              The Glory Field
                                      Motown and Didi
                                      Somewhere in the Darkness
  Naylor, Gloria                      The Women of Brewster Place
                                      The Men of Brewster Place
  Porte, Barbara Ann                 Something Terrible Happened
  Straight, Susan                         I Been in Sorrowís Kitchen and
Licked Out all the Pots
  Taylor, Mildred                         Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry
                                          The Land
  Thomas, Joyce Carol                Marked by Fire
  Walker, Alice                   The Color Purple
  Wesley, Valerie Williams            Where Evil Sleeps
                                      No Hiding Place
                                      Ainít Nobodyís Business if I Do
  West, Dorothy                      The Wedding
  Williams, Gregory                  Life on the Color Line (nonfiction)
  Williams-Garcia, Rita               Fast Talk on a Slow Track
                                      Like Sisters on the Home Front
Wilson, August                    The Piano Lesson
  Woodson, Jacqueline               If You Come Softly
  Wright, Richard                    Lawd Today!
                                      Black Boy (autobiography)
                                      Uncle Tomís Children
  Malcolm  X                       The Autobiography of Malcolm X


  Blumberg, Rhoda                         Shipwrecked!
  Choi, Sook Hyul                    Gathering of Pearls
  Chong, Denise                      The Concubineís Children
  Crew, Linda                        Children of the River
                                      Fire on the Wind
  Desai, Anita                        Clear Light of Day
  Garland, Sherry                    The Last Rainmaker
                                      Song of the Buffalo Boy
                                      Shadow of the Dragon
  Houston, Jeanne Wakatsuki         Farewell to Manzanar (nonfiction)
  Kingston, Maxine Hong             The Woman Warrior (autobiography)
  Lee, Gus                           China Boy
                                      Honor and Duty
  Liu, Eric                            The Accidental Asian (nonfiction)
  Lord, Bette Bao                     In the Year of the Boar and Jackie
                                      The Middle Heart (1996)
                                      Spring Moon (1981)
  Mah, Adeline Yen                      Falling Leaves (autobiography)
                                      Chinese Cinderella (autobiography)
  Mori, Kyoko                         Polite Lies (nonfiction)
  Murayama, Milton                   Five Years on a Rock
  Na, An                                   A Step from Heaven
  Ng, Fae Myenne                           Bone
  Okada, John                      No-No Boy
  Okimoto, Jean Davies               Molly by Any Other Name
  Pham, Andrew X.                   Catfish and Mandala (autobiography)
  Tan, Amy                                The Bonesetterís Daughter
                                      The Joy Luck Club
                                      The Kitchen Godís Wife
  Uchida, Yoshiko                    Picture Bride
                                      Desert Exile (nonfiction)
  Wartski, Maureen Crane            Belonging
                                          Candle in the Wind
                                      Dark Silence
                                      The Face in My Mirror
                                           A Long Way From Home
  Watkins, Yoko Kawashima          So Far from the Bamboo Grove
  Wong, Jade Snow                  The Fifth Chinese Daughter
  Yep, Laurence                      The Case of the Firecrackers
                                      Child of the Owl


  Alvarez, Julia                      How the Garcia Girls Lost their
                                      In the Name of Salome
  Baca, Jimmy Santiago             Working in the Dark: Reflections of a
Poet in the Barrio
  Boyle, T. C                             The tortilla curtain
  Buss, Fran Leeper                  Journey of the Sparrows
  Cisneros, Sandra                  The House on Mango Street
  De La Garza, Beatrice Eugenia    Pillars of Gold and Silver
  Fernandez Barrios, Flor            Blessed by Thunder: Memories of a
Cuban Girlhood
  Hernandez, Irene Beltran          The Secret of Two Brothers
  Hinojosa, Maria                   Raising Raul; Adventures of Raising
Myself and My Son
  Jenkins, Lyll Becerra de            So Loud a Silence
  Martinez, Victor                    Parrot in the Oven
  Mohr, Nicholasa                    El Bronx Remembered
                                      Growing Up Inside the Sanctuary of
My Imagination
  Nava, Michae                      The Death of Friends
  Ortiz Cofer, Judith                 An Island Like You
  Rodriguez, Luis J.                  Always Running: La Vida Loca
  Rodriguez, Richard                 Hunger of Memory (autobiography)
  Santiago, Danny                   Famous All Over Town
  Santiago, Esmeralda                When I Was Puerto Rican
                                      Almost a Woman (autobiography)
  Skinner, Jose                   Flight and Other Stories
  Soto, Gary                         A Summer Life (autobiography)
                                      Buried Onions
                                      Living Up the Street (autobiography)
                                          Leaving Home (short stories)
  Suarez, Virgil                         Spared Angola: Memories of a
                                           Childhood (nonfiction)
  Villarreal, Jose                        Pocho


  Allen, Woody                    Without Feathers
  Bellow, Saul                        The Actual
                                          The Adventures of Augie March
                                      Mr. Samlerís Planet
                                          The Victim
  Doctorow, E.L.                      The Book of Daniel
                                      City of God
  Franken, AL                             Why Not Me?
  Heller, Joseph                          Good as Gold
  Kerr, M.E.                              Gentlehands
  Levitin, Sonia                       Journey to America
                                      Silver Days
                                      The Cure
  Levoy, Myron                       A Shadow Like a Leopard
  Malamud, Bernard                  The Assistant
  Meyer, Carolyn                     Drummers of Jericho
                                      Killing the Kudu
                                      Where the Broken Heart Still Beats
  Orlev, Ur                           The Man From the Other Side
                                      The Island on Bird Street
  Potok, Chaim                       The Chosen
                                      The Promise
                                      I Am the Clay
                                      My Name is Asher Lev
                                      Davitaís Harp
                                      In the Beginning
  Roth, Philip                            Goodbye Columbus
  Salinger, J. D.                         Franny and Zooey
  Speigelman, Art                         Maus
                                          Maus II
  Wiesel, Elie                         And the Sea is Never Full
                                      All Rivers Run to the Sea
                                      The Testament
  Yolen, Jane                              Briar Rose


  Brown, Dee Alexander              Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee
                                          Hear That Lonesome Whistle Blow 
                                      The Way to Bright Star
  Carter, Forrest                        The Education of Little Tree
  Crow Dog, Mary                   Lakota Woman (autobiography)
  Deloria, Vine                       Red Earth, White Lies (nonfiction)
  Dorris, Michael                     A Yellow Raft in Blue Water
                                      Cloud Chamber
                                      The Antelope Wife
                                      The Broken Chord (nonfiction)
                                      The Bingo Palace
  Erdrich, Louise                         The Beet Queen
  Highwater, Jamake                 Anpao
  Hogan, Linda                      Solar Storms
  Jekel, Pamela                      She Who Hears the Sun
  LaDuke, Winona                          Last Standing Woman
  McNichols, Charles Longstreth   Crazy Weather
  Momaday, N. Scott                       The Ancient Child
                                      The Way to Rainy Mountain
                                      House Made of Dawn
  Power, Susan                    The Grass Dancer
  Silko, Leslie Marmon            Yellow Woman and a Beauty of the Spirit
  Welch, James                    Fool's Crow


  McCourt, Frank                                Angela's Ashes (autobiography)
                                                'Tis (autobiography)
  McDermott, Alice                              Charming Billy
  Quindlen, Anna                                Object Lessons


Ardizzone, Tony                         In the Garden of Papa Santuzzu
Buscaglia, Leo                                  Papa, My Father
Ferraro, Geraldine                              Framing a Life
Iacocca, Lee                                    Iacocca: An Autobiography
Puzo,  Mario                                    The Last Don
Quindlen, Anna                          Object Lessons
                                                One True Thing
Black and Blue
Scottolini, Lisa                                        Everywhere That Mary Went
                                                Rough Justice
                                                The Vendetta Defense


  Khalil Gibran     (Arab-American)     The Prophet

  Kincaid, Jamaica  (West Indian)               Lucy

WOMEN  (NOTE:  These authors are not listed under a specific ethnic group)

Cather, Willa                                   My Antonia
Oates, Joyce Carol                              Black Water
Plath, Sylvia                                   The Bell Jar
Sexton, Anne                                    Poetry
Tyler, Anne                                     Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant
                                                If Morning Ever Comes
                                                The Accidental Tourist
                                                Saint Maybe
                                                Back When We Were Grownups

"In theory, there isn't any difference between theory and practice.  In
practice, there is."  - Yogi Berra

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