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Many thanks to those who replied so promptly to my request. All insisted
this should be just as much reinforced as formal text-source citations are.
I have since announced this at a faculty meeting, so hopefully teachers will
reinforce this type of bibliographic responsibility as they do text.

I was asked for a HIT, so here goes:

I believe the clearest and best advice was from Joyce Valenza and her reply

We have been grappling with the same issue and decided that we'd best
follow standard format.  Under the  image (in-project/in-text) we use
parenthetical notes.  On the last, or Works-Cited slide, we require full
MLA citation form.

Artist if Available. "Description or Title of Image." Date of image.
Online image. Title of Larger Site. Date of download.

Why should this be  different from any other ethically cited project?
Though the slides might fly by an audience, the ethics message is clear,
and when a teacher carefully examines projects in the students' network
folder, he or she checks for form.

Joyce Kasman Valenza, Librarian          Springfield Township High School
techlife@school Philadelphia Inquirer
Milken National Educator 97/98 
Phone: (215) 233-6030 ext: 2502          Fax: (215) 836-5237
                 Virtual Library:
Also, I got this web site for format from Coral Antony:

Try the citation machine for format:

Many thanks for all who responded.

Deb Dalton
Oneonta High School

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