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> From:         Keen, Laura
> Sent: Tuesday, March 05, 2002 6:05 PM
> To:   'LM_NET@'
> Subject:      FW: article by Jane Ciabattari in Parade Magazine on March
> 3, 2002
> Hello LM Specialists,
> Did anyone happen to see the article on page 14 of Parade Magazine from
> this past Sunday?  It was about a 24 year old MIT graduate who went
> through the "Take Your Daughters to Work Day" and how she followed around
> an engineer at Coors Brewery.  She claims that the only women she saw
> growing up were teachers, librarians, and school nurses and that she was
> happy to learn of other possibilities.  Her comments didn't "hit" me
> right. It was as if she didn't think as highly of these professions since
> they are female dominated and don't have the monetary rewards of an
> engineer.
>  Some of my favorite workers  and role models that I saw growing up WERE
> my teachers, librarians, and school nurses. Yea, lots of them were women,
> but I loved school and I appreciated those teachers, nurses, and
> librarians, even as a child.   In fact, I am now 40 years old and some of
> my best friends ARE teachers, librarians, and school nurses!!  We all have
> viable careers, are well educated,and  are individuals who make
> contributions.  No, we don't make the salary of engineers, but we all live
> in middle class areas, have decent housing, and enough food on our tables.
> I just thought it was a shame that this young woman didn't even think of
> those professions as "Important" enough to consider as some profession in
> a male dominated field.  I wrote an editor to the letter of Parade
> Magazine.  It is attached.  I guess my values are just different than this
> MIT graduate, and I might be a bit too sensitive too!  Did any of you see
> this?  What did you think?
> Laura Keen
> Sr. Reference Librarian
> Washington,DC
> "possible future media specialist"
>        -----Original Message-----
>       From:   Keen, Laura
>       Sent:   Tuesday, March 05, 2002 5:27 PM
>       To:     ''
>       Subject:        article by Jane Ciabattari
>       I take issue with comments made by Monisha Merchant, who was
> profiled in the "Take our Daughters to Work" feature written by Jane
> Ciabattari.
>       Merchant claims that the women she saw growing up were "Teachers,
> Librarians, and school nurses".   I am certain that Merchant had
> experience with very competent teachers, librarians, and school nurses in
> along her path to becoming an engineer.   She (and you)  should be
> thankful for their expertise and training, instead of regarding them as
> "subprofessionals" and inferior to those in male dominated roles such as
> engineers.  Teachers, Librarians, and Nurses all make important
> contributions in today's society--even though they are not compensated as
> well as engineers.  Yes, I agree there should be more women in science and
> technology, but Merchant's comments are insulting and show her ignorance.
>       Shame on you Monisha!!
>       LKeen
>       Reference Librarian
>       Washington,DC

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